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Parasearch (The Paranormal Investigatiors)

Parasearch is not a Society or Club of voluntary members but a Scientific Organisation based in Huntingdonshire in the UK we also have an operation in the Northern Canada. We offer our clients focused services in the field of Forensic Parapsychology. Using scientific equipment and professional investagative techniques our fully qualified personell attempt to account for currently unexplained paranormal phenomena in the private and commercial sectors.

We are a professional organisation with many years experience in this challanging and often complex emerging field of science. Forensic Parapsychology is at the cutting edge of scientifically proving the existance of paranormal activity, Parasearch are proud to be working on the frontier of this developing science.

Over the years we have encountered many locations where main stream science currently can not offer explanations for activity witnessed by the occupants and we are sensitive to any individuals who are living in environments where activity on what ever level appears to be unexplained. What we endeavour to do in all cases is provide our clients with information and evidence to explain where possible what is causing the activity in their location. We have found that this offers our clients reassurance about the nature of the phenomena and alleviates their fear and uncertainty. In almost all the cases we have investigated there has been little danger to a client from unexplained “paranormal activity”.









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