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Shadow-1 is a team of enthusiasts, who employ a professional approach, utilizing a variety equipment and techniques to scientifically investigate alleged paranormal activity, and locations associated with such activity. Led by founder member Mark Elvidge, who himself has some 32 years investigation experience - we are based in the historic town of Beverley, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

We are always interested to hear from like-minded individuals or groups - especially those located within our vicinity. The kind of activity which we are particularly interested in includes, but not limited to, alleged 'hauntings' or ghostly activity - which tends to be more prevalent than other unexplained phenomena. Other such anomalies of interest include; UFO activity, ESP, EVP, ITC, Telekinesis, Spirit interaction, and the like.

We approach all such investigations with a degree of experience and understanding of similar situations. However on each occasion, we adopt an 'open mind' approach, and treat each investigation on it's own merits.




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