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SPIRIT - Spiritual & Paranormal Irish Research & Investigation Team

We are a newly launched voluntary team consisting of Co-Founders Jo McCanny and Glenda Murray. We have been delighted by being joined by our old friends and esteemed colleagues Warren McMinn, Dawn Shields-Pettitt and Ruth McFarland-Smyth.

We are all from a predominantly spiritual background. However, we plan to build on the skills and knowledge gained though the years from other teams and, from our connections with NIPRA. We have a combined knowledge in the following areas:

  • ESP
  • EVP
  • Angel Therapy
  • Faery Therapy
  • Mediumship
  • Diagnostics/Analysis
  • Remote Viewing
  • Development Circle Work
  • Meditation, Seancés
  • Ritual Magick
  • Psychometry
  • Public & Private Investigations

We feel we have a good combination of qualities to conduct detailed qualitative research. We are realistic in our approach with logical and analytical thinking, combined with a health dose of scepticism and open-mindedness. We feel we have the correct amount of professionalism and work ethic to deal with all situations we may encounter along our journey. We want to make an impact in the field of paranormal and spiritual research and evolve and grow through our experiments, research and investigations.

We make no demands on our team members other than showing a committment to growing with the group, working in unity with each other and having a dedicatication to the research carried out.

We fully support unity in the paranormal community in the UK and Eire and the sharing of knowledge and research.

For contact details and more information, please visit the SPIRIT website (details below).




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