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Eastern Ontario Paranormal Investigation & Consultation

EOPIC consists of a number of local professionals from all walks of life and belief systems. As a team we provide free assistance and consultation to anyone who may be experiencing unexplained or paranormal phenomena. Our members backgrounds range from clerical, law enforcement, electrical and structural engineering, psychology, theology, education and financial management to name a few.

Due to our teams various technical and professional backgrounds we are able to assess every aspect of reported phenomena from a scientific standpoint whether it be structural and electrical analysis, historical significance and research or parapsychological factors.

All our members are extremely experienced within the field and are willing to go the extra step in order to ensure all of our clients questions and concerns are met in a timely fashion and in a discrete and professional manner. In addition, all EOPIC members must adhere to our strict code of conduct and investigation protocols, again, ensuring the satisfaction of our clientele and their families.




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