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Parasearch was formed in December 1986 by David Taylor to investigate and research alleged paranormal phenomena in the West Midlands (including Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire). We aim to research and investigate the paranormal in a scientific and objective manner whilst maintaining the view that human beings and the universe have a transcendent essence that may reveal other realms of reality, and also that human consciousness has dimensions that extend beyond body and mind.

Parasearch is always at pains to act in the best interests of those who have witnessed what they believe might possibly be events of a paranormal nature, and adopt a discreet, sympathetic and helpful approach to all cases we investigate.

Parasearch has a policy of actively promoting good working relationships with other groups, both locally and nationally and, where possible, will invite other groups along on our organised vigils. Parasearch acts as a regional group in the West Midlands on behalf of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) and the Society for Psychical Research (SPR).

In August 2002, we organised the Shades and Shadows Conference which took place in Worcester. We believe it was the biggest conference of its kind ever held in the Midlands.

In 2006 Parasearch celebrated its 20th anniversary, making it the longest running paranormal research group in the Midlands. To celebrate this event Parasearch, along with ASSAP, organised a joint anniversary conference at the University of Worcester. The over 70 strong audience packed the conference room to hear world respected authors and researchers give enthraling lectures on diverse subjects. In June 2003, the Mysterious People website conducted an interview with Parasearch Chairman, David Taylor.

Apart from actively seeking out and investigating paranormal phenomena on a regular basis, we also hold monthly committee meetings which full members are eligible to attend.




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