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Ghost Investigation Team

We are a group of like minded and friendship related people based in Mid/South Wales. Our team has been running for five years now and within this time we have completed many investigations both as public events and private ones. Many of our investigations are private homes and so although our events page looks as if we are quiet I can certainly say we are never that. We respect our clients wishes and therefore not all investigation reports are on the website. We were nominated in 2008 for best Medium and best Paranormal group in the Welsh Spiritual Connection awards; of which we were runners up and in 2009 we were honoured with the awards of; Best Paranormal group, Best Psychic Artist, and Jeannette our medium was awarded the highest accolade of Life Time Achievement for all her spiritual work.

How we started
Some groups we had tried investigations with were not quite us, we totally disapprove of faking anything especially to do with the paranormal and so we decided to create our own investigation team. And this is what we are...a team, no one is any better than anyone else, we all work together, loyalty to each other, spirit and the public are paramount for us as a team. Our main aim is exploring possible paranormal activity and trying to gain evidence, either for paranormal experience or debunking something. Hence the Ghost Investigation Team was formed. ... G.I.T for short.... I'm afraid this does typify our sense of humour. We like a laugh the same as anyone else, but take investigations seriously and with respect to our spirit friends, and each other, our aim is to make you think twice about the possibilities of life after this one! Do we die and this is it? Or do we exist as spirit in another time and dimension? The team at the moment stands with two Mediums, four technicians/scribes/team leaders, and sensitives. We are experienced in carrying out Investigations, Séance’s, Glass Swirling, and Scrying aswell as other methods of contacting Spirit. We have also had great success in asking Spirits to move on from a building/area if they are upsetting a physical person, this is generally called cleansing or clearing. No one can guarantee to clear a house of unwanted spirits, and no one can guarantee to give you evidence on the night of paranormal activity .. If they do BEWARE they may not be doing it for the correct reasons ...

… nothing in the spirit world can be guaranteed ...

… nor is it in this life if you think about it ...

Some of our gadgets include EMF meters, Digital Cameras, Night Vision Camcorders, Infra-red thermometers, full spectrum cameras, Motion Sensors, and the
very interesting doorway portal, etc.


All costs are kept to a minimum, we are a non profit group we only ask to cover any expenses (Insurance, venue hire, reasonable fuel costs etc). So no stupid pricing costs... We are happy to do charity and private events.

We do not charge for working in private homes, etc.

Now all we need is your enthusiasm and the courage to join us on the investigations.


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