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PSICAN was founded in March of 2005 as both an umbrella group for several groups that were actively studying paranormal phenomena (most notably the Toronto Ghosts, Ontario Ghosts, The Ghosts and Hauntings Research Societies and ParaResearchers) and a separate entity to look into those aspects of the 'unknown' that were not getting the attention they need for a proper understanding. Read More »

Toronto & Ontario Ghosts & Hauntings Research Society

The organization officially formed in October 1998 is dedicated to collecting, compiling and researching reportedly true cases of hauntings and ghosts in the city of Toronto and across Ontario.

We are a registered non-profit Ontario company working towards registered charity status and will respect any individual's right to privacy. Read More »


We are a group of Ontario based paranormal researchers and investigators who originally formed this non-profit, web-based society in 1999 in order to share information, ideas, and expertise, which encompass all subjects that fall into the umbrella category of the ‘paranormal’. Read More »

Eastern Ontario Paranormal Investigation & Consultation

EOPIC consists of a number of local professionals from all walks of life and belief systems. As a team we provide free assistance and consultation to anyone who may be experiencing unexplained or paranormal phenomena. Our members backgrounds range from clerical, law enforcement, electrical and structural engineering, psychology, theology, education and financial management to name a few. Read More »



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