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Paranormal/Ghost Societies and Clubs

ASSAP: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomolous Phenomena


ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) have investigated many cases in the past with the main emphasis on a scientific approach to strange events. There is a small fee for joining which includes a newsletter and the option on becoming as much involved with the society as you wish.

The Ghost Club

This society is dedicated to the investigation of ghosts and other paranormal events, they are one of the oldest established paranormal groups in Britain.

The Staffordshire Paranormal Study Group

The Staffordshire Paranormal Study Group is dedicated to the even-handed investigation of all paranormal activity. So far, we've investigated a variety of locations and had some interesting results with things like remote viewing. We're an ASSAP accredited group, too.

C E Paranormal

We are a private team based in the Midlands and North of England. Most of the team have independently been investigating the paranormal for just over 6 years and have been together as a group for nearly 4 years (the current team members having been together for about 2 years). Read More »



We carry out investigations into the paranormal in both public and private dwellings. The founders of our group have at some point served in the police force, hence the title. Because of that, we try to ensure that any tales of hauntings are actually backed up by evidence. Read More »

4th Dimension Paranormal

4th Dimension Paranormal are a NEW Paranormal group located in Derby. We are a non profit organisation. We do all night ghost Investigations/Events, Private Investigations and Corporate investigations. Please feel free to check us out for upcoming ghost events/Investigations.

Chesterfield Psychic Study Group (CPSG)

A Group based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which offers a regular programme of lectures and research related to all aspects of the Paranormal.

Leicestershire Paranormal Research Association (LPRA)

An active team dedicated to the scientific study of anomalous Phenomenon. ASSAP affiliated and based in the Midlands.
Contact: Caroline Pick

Shadow Seekers (UK)

We are a non-profit, dedicated team of experienced paranormal investigators based in the UK and our Team Coordinators will guide you through Overnight Vigils and Paranormal Experiments allowing you to use Ghost Hunting Equipment to hopefully obtain the 100% proof that ghosts really do exist. Read More »

Hull Paranormal Ghost Society

We are a new group in Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom.

Haunted Memories

We are based in Peterborough, cambridgeshire, but we undertake paranormal investigations throughout the UK.
Contact: Gary Albone

Black Country Paranormal Society

The B.C.P.S was set up to investigate anything of a paranormal nature. All investigations are approached with an open mind and are conducted in a professional manner. Membership is free and we look forward to contact from other paranormal groups.

The West Midlands Ghost Club

Established in 1991, to study and investigate (alleged) Paranormal Activity within the West Midlands, South Staffordshire and immediate surrounding area.
The Ghost Club endeavours to encourage contact and collaboration with other Paranormal Enthusiasts and Investigative Societies.

Derwent Paranormal Investigators

The main idea behind the Derwent Paranormal Investigators is to promote the scientific research into paranormal activity and provide proof where possible that occurrences do happen which can be discounted as natural phenomena.

Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group

Bassetlaw Ghost Research Group no longer operates as such for the group found the truth they sought, however they now offer FREE of charge the ability to clear tormented locations. If your plagued with unwanted visitors, then contact us for a swift and pleasant clearing.
Contact: David Wharmby 

The Midlands Ghost Research Society

The Midlands Ghost Research Society was set up November 2002 and is a Coventry based group. We investigate into possibly hauntings and have accumulated an extensive range of equipment. Our services are offered to the public as well as businesses and rate ourselves highly in confidentiality to the client. Read More »

Ghost Detectives_UK

(Formerly North Lancs Ghost Investigation Group) We specialise in ghost investigations in the NW of England, we investigate old halls, castles, museums, pubs and we are shortly to investigate privately for anyone who needs us.if anyone does need our help, please contact us and we will be there asap to help you. Read More »

The Luton Paranormal Society

The Luton Paranormal Society or LPS was formed in 2003 for people who wanted to investigate paranormal activity for themselves, instead of watching someone else do it on TV. Read More »

The Orb Whisperers

The aim of The Orb Whisperers, in addition to publicising the activities of our investigation team, is to raise awareness of the possibilities of the survival of the spirit - in whatever form - in an afterlife which appears to run parallel to our own. Read More »

C.O.T.C Paranormal Investigations

C.O.T.C Paranormal Investigations

C.O.T.C Paranormal Investigations was founded in 1996 by Stacey Logan, Stuart Logan and Adrian Lloyd-Briden, all having a keen interest in the paranormal and all having experienced the supernatural. Read More »

CPRS - Cambridge Paranormal Research Society

We specialise in the strange goings on in Cambridgeshire, but we do investigate all around the country. Our purpose is the objective research of any cases of unexplained phenomena that is not within the range of normal experience or current scientifically explainable phenomena.

Northern Ghost Research & Investigation Team

N.g.r.i.t-uk is based in South Yorkshire and investigates hauntings/ghosts & related paranormal activity for either private persons e.g. house owners or organisations such as local authorities/councils and historical organisations etc. Read More »

The Spooked Team

The SPOOKED!! Paranormal Team evolves around the world of the Paranormal, their goal is to travel around the UK, WALES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND conducting over night Paranormal Investigations to see if there is any truth of Paranormal existence as they strongly believe that there is something ghostly out there & they don't mean an entire collection of Cliff Richard records!!!! Read More »


UK Based research group. Website with 1900+ members, with Free and Associate Membership options. Interact with other members over various message forums, Private Messages or LiveChat, submit and view paranormal pictures, submit and view web links, news updates and more.

Supernatural Encounters Association (S.E.A.)

S.E.A. is run by Mike McManus and have been investigating paranormal activity since 1998. The group focus their investigations on ghosts and haunted buildings and have a membership of ten people. Two members of S.E.A. were trained by A.S.S.A.P. in 1996 when they were members of another investigative group. They also perform Spirit Release when needed. Read More »



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