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Paranormal/Ghost Societies and Clubs

South Wales Paranormal Research

South Wales Paranormal Research

SWPR is based in Wales and we undertake to investigate reports of apparitions, hauntings and other spontaneous paranormal phenomena. We do not have any pre-conceived opinions about the nature of such phenomena and enter all investigations with a fully open minded attitude. Read More »

UK Ghost Investigators

UKGI are a non-profit organisation dedicated to investigating paranormal sites in the United Kingdom. Please feel free to share any stories of the supernatural you have, and of course you can leave photographs for public viewing in our Photo Album. Joining this website is free, so we hope to see you on the forums soon!

The B.P.R.F (A)

Based in the south of England, are currently looking to recruit new members. We are an affiliate group of a larger organisation, we only investigate ghosts/hauntings and we base our investigations on scientific research only. There is No Membership Fee.

Spectral Investigations

We are a small professional Paranormal Investigation team operating in Greater Manchester. We carry out public and private investigations of any kind. We are a non-profit group, which charge a small yearly fee, to cover all costs of investigations. All investigations are carried out in a professional manner with the best equipment possible. We hold meetings on the 1st Saturday of every month. Read More »

P.A.R (t) Paranormal Activity Research Team

We provide our services discreetly and client confidentiality is one of our priorities.  We provide our clients with a detailed report of all evidence gathered, results of the analysis of the evidence and a concise conclusion as to our overall assessment of the causes of any paranormal experiences. Read More »


Parasearch was formed in December 1986 by David Taylor to investigate and research alleged paranormal phenomena in the West Midlands (including Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire). Read More »

Spooks Paranormal Investigators

Spooks Paranormal Investigators are a group set up to investigate paranormal phenomenon. We specialise in organising Ghost Hunts in a professional, yet fun way. Lead by a team of Paranormal Investigators and Psychic Mediums, we conduct regular and affordable investigations for people who want to experience the chills and thrills of the paranormal for themselves. Read More »

United Kingdom Society of Paranormal investigations (UKSPI)

UKSPI is commited to achieving valid results. UKSPI's aim is to find the cause of paranormal phenomena using the most high tech equipment available to us. UKSPI is a non profit organisation that welcomes anyone who is interested in paranormal phenomenon. UKSPI will achieve valid results using only the most professional methods created by UKSPI through intense research. Read More »

BDPRC Blackburn with Darwen Paranormal Research Centre

BDPRC Blackburn with Darwen Paranormal Research Centre BDPRC: Is looking to recruit sensible persons (male or female) to join a new group of paranomal investigators in the north west of England. The ideal candidate will be 18+, have a general interest in the subject, and also be willing to take part in investigations in allegedly haunted locations. Read More »

PSI (Paranormal Site Investigators)

PSI Logo

PSI (Paranormal Site Investigators) is an excepted education and research charity in the UK, with over 1300 associate members. It exists to educate the public about anomalous experiences, and to conduct scientific research.

PSI's abbreviated objects are to: Read More »

Spiral Paranormal

Established in January 2007 by Founders Marq English and Alexis Pelling following the completion of Marq’s first feature film Return to Ravenswood, Spiral approaches the world of the paranormal visually with online video episodes detailing both investigations and related topics. Read More »

Ghost Connections

We are a small team of professional people and have been conducting investigations since 2004. We conduct our investigations throughout the South East of England and are based in Kent.

From our first point of contact we pride ourselves on our professional approach through all our investigation process. Read More »

Otherworld North East

Otherworld North East

The Otherworld North East Research Group is a non-profit, volunteer-led paranormal investigation group specialising in recording the physical phenomena often associated with alleged hauntings and ghostly activity. Read More »


PSICAN was founded in March of 2005 as both an umbrella group for several groups that were actively studying paranormal phenomena (most notably the Toronto Ghosts, Ontario Ghosts, The Ghosts and Hauntings Research Societies and ParaResearchers) and a separate entity to look into those aspects of the 'unknown' that were not getting the attention they need for a proper understanding. Read More »

British Columbia Ghosts & Hauntings Research Society

We were officially formed in October 2001. We are dedicated to the collection of data and reports pertaining to allegedly true hauntings of British Columbia and especially the lower mainland area.

We are a registered non-profit Ontario company with registered charitable status and will respect any individual's right to privacy. Read More »

Toronto & Ontario Ghosts & Hauntings Research Society

The organization officially formed in October 1998 is dedicated to collecting, compiling and researching reportedly true cases of hauntings and ghosts in the city of Toronto and across Ontario.

We are a registered non-profit Ontario company working towards registered charity status and will respect any individual's right to privacy. Read More »

ParaResearchers Of Quebec

We are a group of researchers and investigators studying paranormal topics within the province of Quebec. We deal with three different subjects in particular - UFOs, ghosts, and cryptozoology.


We are a group of Ontario based paranormal researchers and investigators who originally formed this non-profit, web-based society in 1999 in order to share information, ideas, and expertise, which encompass all subjects that fall into the umbrella category of the ‘paranormal’. Read More »

Eastern Ontario Paranormal Investigation & Consultation

EOPIC consists of a number of local professionals from all walks of life and belief systems. As a team we provide free assistance and consultation to anyone who may be experiencing unexplained or paranormal phenomena. Our members backgrounds range from clerical, law enforcement, electrical and structural engineering, psychology, theology, education and financial management to name a few. Read More »

Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association (NIPRA)

NIPRA was founded in 1991 by Warren Coates. The group was originally started by those with an interest in the Paranormal, but it soon became the most established and credible paranormal research group in Northern Ireland. Read More »

SPI (Sussex Paranormal Investigators)

SPI (Sussex Paranormal Investigators) has been formed to study and investigate paranormal activity, and to report in a clear and concise way what we have found by the use of our investigators and highly technical equipment. Our sole aim is to give a balanced view on evidence gathered and to present this to the public domain.

Haunted Realm Paranormal Investigators

Haunted Realm Paranormal Investigators are a non-profit organisation created for people with a common interest in the Paranormal. The Haunted Realm was established in 1993 and is funded solely by our members, throughout the years we have visited some of the United Kingdoms most haunted locations. Read More »

Farsight Paranormal Research Society

Farsight Paranormal Research Society (or Farsight PRS) is a team of investigators, brought together by their common interest and that all believe in finding reputable and solid evidence of the paranormal. Founded more recently in March 2009 at the request of friends, Ashley Knibb soon saw its potential and began to put together his team. Read More »

Midlands Ghost Hunters

This is a group of paranormal investigators that was set up to investigate ghostly activity throughout locations in the UK.  In 2008 a group of people got talking about the paranormal and they realised that they all shared an interest......... GHOSTS! Read More » - Paranormal Investigators

Shadow-1 is a team of enthusiasts, who employ a professional approach, utilizing a variety equipment and techniques to scientifically investigate alleged paranormal activity, and locations associated with such activity. Read More »



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