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ASSAP: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomolous Phenomena


ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) have investigated many cases in the past with the main emphasis on a scientific approach to strange events. There is a small fee for joining which includes a newsletter and the option on becoming as much involved with the society as you wish.

The Ghost Club

This society is dedicated to the investigation of ghosts and other paranormal events, they are one of the oldest established paranormal groups in Britain.

The Spooked Team

The SPOOKED!! Paranormal Team evolves around the world of the Paranormal, their goal is to travel around the UK, WALES, SCOTLAND & IRELAND conducting over night Paranormal Investigations to see if there is any truth of Paranormal existence as they strongly believe that there is something ghostly out there & they don't mean an entire collection of Cliff Richard records!!!! Read More »

Spooks Paranormal Investigators

Spooks Paranormal Investigators are a group set up to investigate paranormal phenomenon. We specialise in organising Ghost Hunts in a professional, yet fun way. Lead by a team of Paranormal Investigators and Psychic Mediums, we conduct regular and affordable investigations for people who want to experience the chills and thrills of the paranormal for themselves. Read More »

Spiral Paranormal

Established in January 2007 by Founders Marq English and Alexis Pelling following the completion of Marq’s first feature film Return to Ravenswood, Spiral approaches the world of the paranormal visually with online video episodes detailing both investigations and related topics. Read More »

IRO (Independent Research Organisation into Paranormal Phenomena)

IRO was set up to provide independent research and investigation into the paranormal question. The definition of what is classed as paranormal has become polluted of the years. Read More »

P.R.O.O.F Paranormal Research Team

We at P.R.O.O.F are a group of professional paranormal researchers that operate across the United Kingdom, investigating reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energies and all forms of paranormal phenomena to find out if a location is truly active or not.

Beyond Belief Paranormal

Beyond Belief Paranormal has been set up to unite the interests of like-minded individuals. Using Specialist Equipment we will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Unknown. Based in the Heritage-wealthy Conwy County, we investigate the spiritual past of some 1500 years of history, looking for evidence that a life beyond does exist. Read More »

Ghost Investigation Team

We are a group of like minded and friendship related people based in Mid/South Wales. Our team has been running for five years now and within this time we have completed many investigations both as public events and private ones. Many of our investigations are private homes and so although our events page looks as if we are quiet I can certainly say we are never that. Read More »

UK Paranormal Study

Founded in 2005 by Jester and a good friend Dave Cable the UK Paranormal Study have investigated many haunted locations around the UK locations such as The Galleries Of Justice (Nottingham), The Ancient Ram Inn (Wotton-Under-Edge), Bradgate Park (Leicester), Manor House (West Bromwich) plus many more. Read More »



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