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Castle Wildenstein

Castle Wildenstein (Schloss Wildenstein) dates from the around the 16th century and has acquired a reputation for being haunted. According to John and Anne Spencer in The 'Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits', on 1st March 1953, Baroness von Lobenstein reported seeing an apparition of a young boy in a sailor suit stood in the kitchen. This boy was possibly identified from an old photograph as Adolt Hermann Erwin (Born Berlin 7 August 1884 – died Wildenstein Castle 18 May 1884).

In 1945 an American Military Officer stationed at the castle had a strange experience whilst having a bath. A young woman in white clothing walked into the bathroom and just stood staring at him. The American got out of the bath to push her out of the room as he was feeling uncomfatable around her, but found that his hand went straight through the woman. She then vanished, leaving the naked officer running out of the room and down into the kitchens in a panic.

Other haunting type phenomena associated with the castle includes the playing of ghostly music and the appearance of phantom monks.

There is also a fairy attachment to the castle with sightings again taking place just after World War II. According to 'Fairies, Real Encounters with The Little People' by Janet Bord, Maximilian, Baron Hofer von Lobenstein encountered a little man with a beard which hopped around him. The Baron had gone outside to let the dogs out and had noticed the little person that was lit from behind by a blue light.

The Baroness is also supposed to have witnessed a little man, about two foot tall in a yellow vest and peaked cap doing somersaults in one of the castles rooms.

There were also claims of poltergeist activity at the castle, and the Baron witnessed his glass of wine rise from the table.

The castle came into the possession of Barons Hofer von Lobenstein in 1662

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