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In 1996, Abdul Alhazrad a man who lived in the Arab town of Jenin was travelling along the road to Dotan when he picked up a hitchhiker who got into the front passenger seat. Shortly after resuming the journey, the driver turned to look as his passenger and was shocked to see that his face had taken on the appearance of a dog with one eye. He wore dark clothing and had floppy dangling ears. Stopping the car immediately the Jenin man opened his car door and got out, fainting when he saw his passenger vanish. Said Badran writing for the newspaper Yediot Ahronot said "The incident has become the talk of Jenin. Some of the religious leaders believe that the passenger was a demon who lives in the area. Others believe he is a devil known as The Blind Liar who has returned to presage the arrival of the messiah. The driver is still in shock and is being treated at Jenin Hospital."

I believe this story was also covered in the Fortean Times and the daily newspaper Maariv. The exact date eludes me. I have come across a source saying the article appeared in the Maariv on 14 October 1996, a second stating it occurred on the evening of 14 October 1996 and in an article on UFO’s in Israel, by journalist Barry Chamish he puts the date around 22 October, two days after a UFO sighting in Kfar Hawald.

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Re: Dotan Road Hitchhiker

Fist time I have come across this story before, seems a bit 'saucy' to me..............of the H.P. kind.(if you get my drift)
Wot say you, brothers and sisters.

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Re: Dotan Road Hitchhiker

I wonder if anything similar has been reported in the UK or whether this type of experience is perculiar to the Middle East.  Welcome to site Chud:)

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Re: Dotan Road Hitchhiker

 Dear All,

None of this surprises me.  All kinds of strange phenomena about.  Having done a lot of private research (much of which has been pooh-poohed, because it exceeds the boundaries of other people's acceptance), the connections between the paranormal and religion are pretty clear.  That doesn't mean that I am religious.  What it does mean is that I am not ignoring the glaringly obvious connections, purely on the grounds that I don't like religion.

It's probably easier for me to do the research into the religious connections, owning to my dispassionate box-ticking approach to the subject.  I don't take religion particularly seriously, especially as it is undermined by default, due to its linkage to the UFO phenomenon.  The same applies to the crop circle phenomenon, which has also been observed to be linked to religion.  



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