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Hanged Slave, Suck Creek

There is a story that an escaping Slave ran from his master who lived in Suck Creek and fled along what is now known as the Cumberland Trail. He was chased, caught and severely beaten, before being hung on a tree. They must have misjudged the hanging though as the story relates he survived. Unfortunately his slave master returned to the tree and found that the slave had again escaped. They searched for a second time and when they found him they dragged back to the farm from whence he originally fled and there they beat and hanged him until he was dead and all the other slaves could witness what would happen to them if they tried to escape.

Motorists on the Suck Creek Road, Highway 27 have reputedly reported seeing an apparition where it intersects with the Cumberland Trail which runs through the forest. Sometimes it is seen aimlessly wandering the trail by the road, other times it dashes out onto the highway. By the tree on which he was originally hanged it is thought that moans and cries have been heard.

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