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On 18 April 1968 London Bridge was sold to Robert McCulloch, an American businessman for US$2,460,000. The bridge was dismantled and transported via Long Beach to Lake Havasu City in Arizona where it was re-assembled and has become one of the states top tourist attractions. However, it has been reported that ghostly apparitions, possibly of Londoners have been seen crossing the bridge.

The bridge currently in Arizona was designed by John Rennie and was built between 1824 and 1831. It replaced the older London Bridge which had been standing for about six centuries and was not designed to cope with the amount of traffic it was receiving in the 19th century. Opened on 1 August 1831 with King William IV and Queen Adelaide in attendance, London Bridge was 283 m long and about 15m wide.

By the end of the 19th century London Bridge was so busy that it was necessary to widen it further to about 20m, which was started in 1902. This widening was too much for the foundations and the bridge began to very slowly sink (approximately 1/8 inch per year).

In desperate need to replace the bridge, the Common Council of the City of London decided to sell the bridge after it was suggested by Councillor Ivan F Luckin. Bought by Robert McCulloch, London Bridge became the largest antique ever sold. On 10 October 1971, after being re-assembled in Lake Havasu City, where it spans the Bridgwater Channel Canal, it was dedicated by the Lord Mayor of London.

Surrounding the bridge is what is described as an authentic English Village, a themed attraction complete with an iconic red telephone box and a genuine double-decker bus. If reports can be believed then they may also have genuine British ghosts on the bridge.

They were first reported during the dedication ceremony when a few figures in old fashioned British clothing were seen by several onlookers who thought they were costumed entertainers….until they vanished. Over the years they have apparently been seen several times wandering across the bridge and vanishing before anyone can approach them.

I would love to hear from any actual eye witnesses to these figures.

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Arizona London Bridge: Aran Johnson

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