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Aengus Angus

An Irish god of love, he was one of the offspring of the promiscuous Dagda, and there are various tales told about his exploits in Irish mythology.

One of the most famed is Aislinge Oenguso (The dream of Angus) from the eighth century. It tells how he had a dream, in which he saw a maiden from the otherworld called Caer Ibormeith. He fell in love with her, and enlisted the help of Bodb to help him find her. The maiden spent one year in human form, and one year in the form of a swan, and it was in this form that he found her at Loch Bel Dracon on Samhain (Halloween), with a group of 149 other maidens also in the guise of swans. Angus shape-shifted into the form of swan, and they circled the lake three times singing enchanting music - so that all the people in the area fell asleep for a period of three days and nights. After this he returned with her to his palace.

He is often seen as a god of youth and beauty.

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Re: Aengus Angus

Aengus was also capable to partially undo the spell placed on Etain by Fuamnach, the ex-wife of his brother Midir. She became his mistress until Fuamnach drove her away. For this act Aengus killed Fuamnach.

When his foster son Diarmid was killed, he possessed the ability to breathe a soul into his body so that they could visit once a day.

There is also a legend that he confronted St. Patrick for the soul of a fae woman, and that he warned Cormac mac Airt against the battle that cost him his eye.

When his mother's husband Elcmar killed Midir, Aengus killed Elcmar.



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