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Afagddu (Avagddu)

The son of Ceridwen and Tegid Veol, in the Welsh myth of Taliesin. Ceridwen had two children; a daughter of outstanding beauty, and a son Afagddu, who was malformed and ugly (the least favoured of all men). To balance Afagddu's misfortune, Ceridwen decided to create a potion in her cauldron of inspiration, so that he might have knowledge of the future, clear sight, and be favoured among men.

The task of boiling the cauldron was a tedious affair, as it had to be stirred continually for a year and a day. Because of this Ceridwen appointed the blind man called Morda to tend the fire, and Gwion Bach to stir the brew. After a year and a day of stirring, three drops flew from the cauldron and alighted on Gwion's finger, he immediately put his burnt fingers into his mouth and so gained knowledge of all things. After this there was only poison left in the cauldron, which then burst, and Afagddu had to remain ill favoured.

The name Affagddu means dark or ugly, and he may be based on an archetypal dark god.



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