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Roman Pantheon Quick Guide

Abandinus - God of Godmanchester in Huntingdonshire.

Apollo -The sun god depicted with a bow and arrow, and a 4 horse chariot.

Bachus -God of wine, feasting, fertility and ecstasy, his feast day is on the 17th of March.

Bellona - Goddess of war.

Bona Dea -The good goddess who was only worshiped by women.

Ceres -Goddess of corn and grain crops, she is also associated with motherhood.

Cupid -God of love depicted as a youth with a bow and arrow.

Diana - The lady of the forest and the wilderness, also associated with the moon. Her sacred animals were the dog and the stag.

Dis Pater -A god of the underworld.

-A god of the forest and nature depicted with horns and goats feet. Associated (Like Pan) with terror in wild places.

Fortuna -The goddess of fortune, often depicted with a wheel of fortune.

Hecate -The dark aspect of the earth goddess and queen of the underworld, she was often depicted as a crone or as a triple goddess. She is associated with crossroads, dogs, witchcraft and destruction.

Hercules -The hero of Greek myth he was worshiped as a god by the Romans. He is associated with strength, travellers and athletic prowess.

Janus -The dual god of past and present, wisdom and knowledge, he was depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions.

Jovantucadros -God of youth and young people.

Juno -A moon goddess and sister of Jupiter, she is also associated with the earth.

Jupiter -The lord of the heavens and god of lightning, luck, elements and wealth.

Luna -The goddess of the moon.

Mars -God of war and agriculture, he was depicted with a helmet, spear and shield. He was important to the Romans because he fathered Romulus and Remus the mythical founders of Rome.

Mercury -The messenger of the gods depicted with a caduceus and winged sandals. He is associated with cunning, messages and mischief.

Minerva -A warrior goddess associated with smiths, protection and science and maidenhood.

Mithra (Mithras) -Roman God of the sun, who sacrificed a sacred bull to bring forth gifts for mankind. He had a powerful following in Roman times, and may have vied with Christianity for dominance. The two have some similarities.

-God of the sea depicted bearded with a trident and a whip. He is associated with anything pertaining to the sea.

Nodens -God of Lydney in Gloucestershire, father of Gwynn ap Nudd.

Pluto -The Roman god of the underworld, he is associated with death and riches.

Saturn -The father of time and wisdom, he is depicted with a sickle or with ears of corn in his hand.

Venus -Goddess of love she is also associated with the moon, beauty and vegetation.

Vesta -The shinning one, she is a goddess of the hearth and fire.

-The smith god depicted bearded with a hat and a tunic he was the god of volcanoes, smithing and craftsmen.



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