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Saxon Pantheon Quick Guide

Afliae - Goddess of power and strength.

Arvagastiae -Goddess of healing.

Beow - Saxon god of fertility.

Eostre -Goddess of the moon and springtime, she is associated with Easter time.

Erce -The earth goddess or mother.

Fiorgynn -God of the weather.

Friagabis -Goddess of plenty.

Ing -God of protection and of England.

Jorth -Goddess of the earth.

Loge -God of the fire.

Nerthus -The Earth Goddess or mother.

Ostara -The goddess of the moon.

Phol -The god of fertility.

Saxnot -The god of benevolence.

Thunor -God of lightning and thunder, similar to Thor.

Tiwaz -The god of battle and victory.

Tvisto -A god of ancestors.

Walburga -A goddess of the moon.

Weyland (Volund/Weland/Wieland) -Saxon God of the smiths, associated with horses, metalworking, healing, magic.

Woden -The Saxon name for Odin.

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