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Meldrum House Hotel, Oldmeldrum

Meldrum House Hotel is a grand mansion built around a medieval Tower House. The Barony of Meldrum dates from 1236 and was granted to Sir Philip de Phendarg by King Alexander II of Scotland. The house has been modified by and passed down through several prominent Scottish families including the Meldrum's, Seton's and Urquhart's.

It is suggested that a male descendent of either of those families staying in Room 3 may attract unwanted attention from the resident White Lady who is thought to be Isabella Douglas. She is reported to be seen gliding around the hotel, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast, depending upon how agitated she is, but she appears usually during thunderstorms. During one thunderstorm in 1985 she appeared and kissed a male guest on his cheek, quite unexpectedly. Housekeepers have felt their apron strings being tugged by ghostly hands and children reported being looked after a lady in a white dress when they have been left alone.


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