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Glenashdale falls

Glenashdale falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the West of Scotland, situated on the Isle of Arran, a short ferry ride from the mainland, the area is full of sites of archaeological interest.

glenashdale fallsglenashdale fallsI have been visiting this particular area for nearly 20 years and the walk from Whiting Bay is well worth the effort, taking in a circular walk, the remains of 2 Neolithic burial mounds (The Giants Graves), an Iron Age fort and the spectacular falls themselves.

The path to the area has been improved over the years and a new viewing platform now juts out over the falls to give a clear view of the double drop. The original platform had become dangerous and was removed some years ago, also worth noting is that clear felling of the area around the Giant’s Graves has made the visit to them less atmospheric as they were originally in a forest clearing, but there is now a clear view of Holy island and the mainland on a good day.

The waterfall itself falls over 140 feet (45 metres) in 2 parts to a plunge pool, and then over another ledge to the river below. There is what looks like a shallow cave below the lower fall but it is difficult to see without getting up close. Years ago I had intended to get a picture from the bottom of the falls and had tried to follow the river upstream with a friend who was laden with camera equipment. After stumbling over dead trees and falling in rock pools we finally gave up after a branch my friend had been pulling himself up with gave way plunging him head first into the river. There are pictures of the waterfall from its base but I wouldn’t attempt it again without some sort of wading/protective equipment. The sides of the falls are particularly steep and treacherous.

The circular walk can be accessed from Whiting Bay up along the river or, further North which leads to the small Iron Age Fort first. The walk to the falls is a bout 1.5 miles and is steep in places. The path is well signposted back to Whiting Bay and to the Giants Graves.

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