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The Hill O' Many Stanes

This ancient site of worship is similar to Carnak in Brittany in its concept, but on a much smaller scale.

250 stones are set into 22 rows, which sweep in a fan formation down the hillside. The stones are set in a North South alignment, and are quite small in size, all standing under 3 feet in height.

The site has never been excavated so the precise date of construction is difficult to ascertain. It is most probable that the stones date to the Late Neolithic and early Bronze Age period within 3000 - 2000BC.

The actual purpose of the stones is unknown, although there has been speculation, and some theories have been put forward. Alexander Thom suggested the stones were used as a kind of early computer to track the moon through its 4 week and 18.6 year cycle.

Whatever their purpose they remain an enigmatic mystery.

Directions: The stone can be reached from a minor road off the A99 North of Midclyth

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