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Loch Lomond Avro Lancaster (1965)

The following account was e-mailed in by one of our readers.  'I am a retired police officer, but before I joined the police I went on a camping holiday with my girl friend and another couple. This was in June1965. We had been driving some time and decided to stop to stretch our legs. We were along side Loch Lomond and there were some steps leading down to a small beach about 100 yds long. The weather was dull and overcast and the glen was filled with mist above about 100 feet. I was trying to put a new film in my Instamatic camera and had got about 50 yds behind the other three. From behind me I heard the most deafening noise. I stopped and looked round and to my amazement saw a Lancaster bomber, drop out of the mist, roar past me and then disappear once again into the mist. With the back of my camera still open I ran up to the other three and asked them if they got any pictures. I was met with stoney silence. They had neither seenor heard the plane even though the noise was tremendous. I still speak to two of the people on the trip and they still deny seeing or hearing anything. When I look back on the incident I do remember that they did not seem at all interested, as though I had made it all up. But it was as real as I am. It is only now that I am fully retired I have decided to try and investigate this sighting'

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Re: Loch Lomond Avro Lancaster (1965)

Lancaster Bombers certainly flew around Lock Lomond. On 14 September 1944 one crashed on Conic Hill on the East side of Loch Lomond. Check out the following website for crash deatils.



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