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Dryfesdale Churchyard and Bridge

Confronted by a ghost: The other night (a correspondent of the Daily News writes) A young man had an extraordinary experience near Lockerbie. The Dryfe Bridge beside which is the old cemetery---has long been notorious as a haunt of ghosts. Having to cross the bridge going from the town the young man happened to glance to the right and saw a tall and white ghostly figure. The night was dark, but, a few seconds ago the phantom was distinct, for a luminous halo seemed to surround it. Without a sound I slowly moved about four yards. \the young man, almost petrified with terror, could use neither limbs nor voice. The figure, halting, suddenly drew back and noiselessly disappeared. Recovering the use of his limbs, the terrified man ran towards his home, half a mile further along the road. Arriving at th ehouse, where his appearance created some consternation, he told his strange tale. He refuses to admit that the spectre as th eproduct of imagination. The affair is causing a sensation in the neighbourhood. Recently a similar affair took place, and it is said that apparitions have been seen repeatedly in the old Dryfesdale Churchyard.
- ["Press" NZ Vol LVI Issue 10470 Oct 7 1899 page 7]

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Re: Dryfesdale Churchyard and Bridge

Though the original Dryfesdale Church may date back to the 7th century, but the first historical records are dated 1116AD. A new church was built by Dryfe Bridge in 1671, but as this was threatened by the river, a new church on the current site was built in 1757.



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