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Giants Stone of Tweedsmuir

Three ancient stones on the road to Fruid Reservoir from Tweedsmuir are linked with the legend and death of Jack the Giantkiller. The largest of the three stones may have been part of a cromlech or a Druids stone circle according to tradition and is known as the Giants Stone. The other two are probably just ordinary boulders. Legend has it that a giant terrorized the area until one day he was killed by an archer, who in some cases is identified as Jack the Giantkiller. Jack used the Giant Stone to hide behind during the fight but was struck a mortal blow that claimed just after the giant died. It is said the stones mark the burial site of Jack. Late in the 18th century a grave was supposed to have been found by the Giants Stone, covered with a large flagstone. Inside were the remains of a cinerary urn. Though I doubt this is the grave of an actual Giant Killer it's finding could helped fuel the legend.

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