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St Fillan's Chair and Well Dunfillan

A rocky seat on top of the Dunfillan, is the place where St Fillan is said to have sat and blessed the surrounding lands. The chair was thought to be able to heal rheumatism of the back, although you had to be dragged back down the hill by your legs to affect a cure. This would certainly cause enough bruising to allow you to forget about your rheumatism for a while. The well was also a place of healing, the sick having to walk around it in a clockwise direction, and then having to drink of its water. The well is said to have moved its position as if by magic from its original spot on top of Dunfillan.

The cure was thought to have a better chance of success if an offering was placed on St Fillan's Chair. This was either a rag or a white pebble, which was left on the nearby cairn. The cures were thought to be more effective if the well and chair were visited on May Day, or in August.

Directions: St Fillans is reached from the A85to the East of Loch Earn

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