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Abbotsford House

Abbotsford House was the home of the famous Scottish poet and novelist, Sir Walter Scott (born 1771 – died 1832) and it could be the place that he haunts. The house was created by Scott who bought a 100 ace farm (Cartleyhole) in 1811 and started to build onto it. He finished Abbotsford in 1824.

Sir Walter Scott is supposed to have claimed that the house was haunted by George Bullock, sometimes described as Scotts Architect or his supervsor craftsman who worked on the building of Abbotsford House. Bullock died in London 1818 and on the two nights around his death (April 28 and April 29) Scott was awoken by loud noises emanating from inside the house. Scott searched the house armed with a sword but found no explanation. “The noise resembled half-a-dozen men hard at work putting up boards and furniture, and nothing can be more certain than that there was nobody on the premises at the time.”  When he realised that George had died on one of those nights, Scott assumed that his ghost may have been responsible. The ghost of George Bullock is supposed to have returned to the house several times.

The apparition of Sir Walter Scott also reputedly haunts the Dining Room at Abbotsford. Scott had been heavily involved in the design of the Dining Room and it said that this was the room in which he died

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