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The isolated fresh water Loch Coruisk (Cauldron of Waters) on the Isle of Skye was thought to be the abode of a kelpie. James Mackinley in his ‘Folklore of Scottish Lochs and Springs’ (1893) quoted John MacCulloch, the author of ‘A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland’, when he wrote “It is not surprising that Coruisk should be considered by the natives as the haunt of the water-goblin or of spirits still more dreadful. A seaman, and a bold one, whom, on one occasion, I had left in charge of the boat, became so much terrified at finding himself alone that he ran off to join his comrades, leaving it moored to the rock, though in danger of being destroyed by the surge. I afterwards overheard much discussion on the courage of the Southron in making the circuit of the valley unattended. Not returning till it was nearly dark, it was concluded that he had fallen into the fangs of the kelpy."

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