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Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Robin Hoods Grave --a modern mystery!  Even more terrifying than the Blair Witch Project and a thousand times more intriguing than any Brother Caedfel mystery, SECRETS OF THE GRAVE and it's sequel SPIRIT OF THE GREENWOOD reveal, for the first time, the true story of the life and death of Robin Hood. Enter the dark, mysterious woods of Kirklees in West Yorkshire, and visit, with writer historian Barbara Green, the forest of Barnsdale where Robin roamed and the ruined priory gatehouse of Kirklees Nunnery where he was treacherously slain by the hand of an evil nun. Written testimonies from those who have experienced the ghostly presence of Robin and his comrades, whose spirits haunt this ancient forest, form the basis of both books, while the life of Robin, as told in SPIRIT OF THE GREENWOOD, accords fully with the Lytell Geste,(Robin's first biography) printed in the fifteenth century. This, one might think, could be the basis for a best selling book, but such seems to not to be the case, for ,according to the "experts" the public do not want to knw the truth and prefer to be fed the myth of Sherwood Forest and the dastardy deeds of the Sheriff of Nottingham, not to mention Richard the Lionheart, who does not even belong in the story at all!

The mystery of Robin's gruesome death at Kirklees, it would seem, is not the only inexplicable phenomenon surrounding the legend ! Why ARE people prevented from learning the true facts about the oulaw's life, due to the propogation of a fantasy by the media, and why is his famous grave at Kirklees, kept in a state of secrecy and neglect - and who is responsible for this bizarre situation? Dare you ask ? Dare you investigate and............. dare YOU print the truth ? Or is Robin Hood's legend to remain distorted out of all recognition, and the real man lost to future generations forever ?

"No one could see anything in the dense, suffocating blackness, but following Mark's directions we stumbled on forward through the barrier of writhing, intertwining bushes and trees; then suddenly, we found ourselves in a clearing, where, looming out of the gloom, rearing up before us in the light of our flickering torches, a massive,broken edifice was revealed . A huge ship of stone, wrecked in the everglades of Kirklees, listing crazily into the leaping shadows. We stood transfixed with fear and awe as we gazed upon the fallen pillars and twisted railings which were all that remained of Yorkshire's buried treasure -Robin Hood's Grave."

"My name is Ozymandias,king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck,boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away."

Robin Hood's death is recorded in the ballad ROBIN HOOD, HIS DEATH AND BURIAL and briefly in the GESTE. According to the literature Robin is taken ill and decides to go to Kirklees Priory to be nursed by the prioress, who was "nye of his kin" and reputedly skilled in healing. On the way to the nunnery Robin is cursed by a witch - for reasons unknown, as the ballad is unfortunately incomplete. When Robin arrives at the nunnery, Little John, who has accompanied him, is sent away and the prioress proceeds to bleed Robin by opening a vein in his arm - standard medieval medicine, though unlikely to do anyone much good !

"Shee laid the blood irons to Robin Hood's vaine
Alacke the more pitye!
And perct the vaine, and let out the bloode,
That full red was to see. At first it bled,the thicke,thicke blood,
And afterwards the thinne,
And well then wist good Robin Hoode,
Treason there was within."
DEATH, V 16-17

2) According to the legend, Robin summons Little John with three blasts of his trusty hunting horn and the giant rushes to his comrade' s assistance, but alas,he is too late and Robin is already dying. With his last ounce of strength Robin fires his last arrow from the priory gatehouse window, requesting that where it falls he should be buried. Little John is beside himself with rage and grief and threatens to raze the nunnery and all its inhabitants to the ground.

"A boon,a boon," cried Little John,
"Master ,I beg of thee."
"What is that boon,"quoth Robin ,
"Little John,thou begs of me?"
"It is to burn fair Kirkley Hall,
"And all their nunnery."
"I ne'er hurt fair maid in all my life
"Nor at my end shall it be;
"But give me my bent bow in my hand,
"And my broad arrows I'll let flee.
"And where this arrow is taken up,
"There shall my grave digged be,
"Lay me a green sod under my head,
"And another at my feet.
"And lay my bent bow by my side
"Which was my music sweet,
"And make my grave of gravel and green,
"Which is most right and meet.
"Let me have length and breadth enough
"With a green sod under my head:
"That they may say when I am dead

The grave, six hundred yards from the gatehouse, was enclosed in iron railings in the nineteenth century. Today it is neglected and overgrown and little known to the general public. It bears the inscription:

Here underneath dis laitl stean
Laz robert earl of Huntintun
Ne'er arcir ver as hie sa geud
An pipl kauld im robin heud
Sick utlawz as his as iz men
Vil england nivr si agen
At first it bled the thicke thicke blood
And afterwards the thinne
And well then wist good Robin Hood
Treason there was within

3) The death of Robin Hood is a well known legend. He was treacherously bled to death by the wicked prioress of Kirklees nunnery, a small Cistercian house near Brighouse, West Yorkshire. The outlaw's gory and unheroic end is shrouded in mystery. Who was the evil nun and why did she commit so foul a murder? What was the role of Red Roger of Doncaster, who was present at the scene of crime? Was he a priest and also the prioress's lover? Who WAS the prioress? Was she Dame Elizabeth de Stainton, whose grave can still be seen at Kirklees, or was it Sister Mary Startin, who died of the Black Death in 1350?

All that is left of this medieval whodunit is a ruined grave, hidden in deep woodland, and the derelict priory gatehouse of Kirklees where Robin was so gruesomely done to death. Was the famous outlaw a vitim of thwarted passion,pagan sacrifice, bad nursing, accident, natural causes or - vampirism ? The entire area where this horrific drama took place is shrouded in ,according to one old book, " .....a mystery which local people only reluctantly tried to penetrate.The mystery was helped physically by the thick shroud of trees that surrounded the place and was sustained by local tales of prioresses and nuns and of the death of Robin Hood......."

"Terribilis Est Locus Iste" Dreadful is this place - Abbe Berenger Sauniere, Renne-le-Chateau.

"The Armytage family lived over the brow of the hill on a splendid site once occupied by Cistercian nuns. It was called Kirklees. There was more than an insularity which set the mansion apart. There was a mystery about it which local people only reluctantly tried to penetrate. The mystery was helped physically by the thick shroud of trees that surrounded the place and was sustained by local tales of ghosts of prioresses and nuns and or the death of Robin Hood whose grave is so imperturbably marked as lying within Kirklees grounds in spite of any facts which might suggest to the contrary. " THE LAND OF LOST CONTENT.

This would appear to be the first reported mention of ghostly activity around Robin Hood's Grave, but considering the history of Robin's death - cursed by a witch on his way to the nunnery, murdered by an apostate nun and cast into an unhallowed grave - it is hardly surprising that the site is reputed to have unquiet spirits hovering around. An elderly lady, Mrs Edith Ellis, witnessed silver arrows in the sky above Kirklees when visiting her old aunt at Hartshead in the early years of the last century. She also reports hearing Robin calling for Marian.

Another sighting was made by a tenant farmer of Kirklees in 1926. "One day," he recalls, " I was sitting on the grave shooting rabbits. As I was about to shoot I felt a tap on my shoulder, and my shotgun went off accidentally, removing two of my front teeth on its recoil. There was nobody to be seen at the time. On another occasion I was on my way home from the Three Nuns. As I was walking through the woods something fell out of a tree and knocked me to the ground. When I got up I could see the old gatehouse. In the window I could clearly see a man with a bow. My family always said it was the drink, but it was Robin Hood's ghost."

In 1963 guitarist Roger Williams took an unofficial stroll up to Robin's grave with a friend. About twenty yards from the grave he saw a white robed woman who suddenly seemed to glide towards the two men. What made Roger's hair stand on end was how silently she moved over the twigs and bracken. At about five yards from Roger the woman stopped and stared at him with "dark,mad eyes." Then she moved away and vanished. It was 2.30 p.m. on a bright,sunny day. Roger Williams saw the same apparition again in 1972, in full daylight, and again she stopped a few yards from him and his companion. This time Roger remembered a few more details. The woman was wearing a long white dress with a square neck and long sleeves which accords with the habit of a Cistercian nun. Again she looked at him angrily before moving off, but the eerie sequel to this experience was that Roger's house then experienced a series of strange noises and bangings. After this, Roger swore that "wild horses would not drag me up there again."

Mark Gibbons, one of the founder members of Gravewatch, had a similar experience
in 1998. With other members of the group he had gone up to try and find Robin's grave one moonlit night, but they had got lost. Suddenly Mark saw a white figure pointing in a certain direction - which turned out to be where the grave was situated. Mark also experienced a sensation of great evil and hatred.

Shortly after this a reporter Judith Broadbent, from the Dewsbury Reporter, and a photographer colleague, Sue Ellis were allowed to visit the gravesite by the owner. While wandering around she heard heavy footsteps behind her and she was pulled to the ground by invisible forces. She shouted "get away" and her friend came rushing to help her. Her camera had jammed while trying to photograph the grave. A week later Sue was taken seriously ill and was paralysed f from the neck downwards for two weeks. The two reporters later wrote this article up for Yorkshire Life magazine, much of its content being taken from Yorkshire Robin Hood Society literature, including the next sighting, which appeared in THE UNEXPLAINED magazine in 1992, prior to the publication of their article.

This was when vampires entered the arena, introduced to the increasing enigmatic situation by a Bishop of the Holy Grail Church and patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society. In 1992 the Bishop and two colleagues, attempted an exorcism at Kirklees. This had come about as a result of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society asking for the site to be blessed by the local vicar. Unfortunately permission to perform such a ceremony had been unequivocally refused to both clergymen. The Bishop, however, was made of sterner stuff than the local pastor ! He was renowned for his involvement in the notorious Highgate Vampire affair in the nineteen seventies and it occurred to him that vampires might be behind the legend of Robin being bled to death and this needed urgent spiritual intervention - and he was the man for the job, with or without official sanction ! Suffice to say that on his clandestine visit to the grave the bishop came across the body of a blood drained goat, diabolical rune signs of the priory gatehouse, fingr width holes in the ground round the grave - suggesting vampiric activity - and was confronted by a darkly clad woman who turned into a hag with red staring eyes.

A further sighting by another nocturnal visitor proved a terrifying experience when she saw two figures hovering in the trees surrounding the grave, who she took to be the evil prioress and her paramour Red Roger of Doncaster. " I felt, and saw, what I can only describe streams of evil pouring out of the trees towards me" the witness stated. A lady from Nottingham, who visited the grave in the summer of 2000, experienced a psychic communication with Robin at the graveside, as did Robin Hood expert John de Locksley of the London Robin Hood Club, who also boldly battled through the giant ferns, murderous brambles and other lethal obstacles of the Kirklees rain forest to stand by his hero's grave one wild,wet October night the same year !

It is true that Robin's grave was excavated in an amateurish way by a Victorian Armytage (who was reputed to be in his cups at the time) and the ground beneath found to be undisturbed, but the many historical documents naming Kirklees as Robin's final resting place cannot be ignored. The fact is, his bones could lie anywhere on that hillside, while a gravestone resembling the original one drawn by Dr Johnstone, is to be found in nearby Hartshead churchyard - to where it may have been moved during the Civil War.

5) Many visitors to the grave have recorded their experiences for posterity, including the following quote from a Victorian tourist :
"I had the strangest emotions when I first stood over the grave of this old forest hero. I stood there and had no words, nor can I find any now to tell what my feelings were. Bravehearted Robin ! Thou hast found a fit resting place in this glorious park, among these solemn yews and silent trees ."A hundred years later it is a different story:
"There it was, looming out of the dark, a massive, broken edifice, a huge ship of stone, wrecked in the everglades of Kirklees. Fallen pillars and twisted railings were were all that remained on Yorkshire's buried treasure. We had found Robin Hood's Grave."

Maybe the last word should be with Victorian poet, George Searle Phillips, a friend of the Brontes, who visited the grave in 1848, and wrote an epic poem, a small section of which is printed below :

Tread lightly o'er the earth and speak no word
Till the Great Spirit doth unloose your tongues
For where those yew trees nod their funereal plumes
Upon the highest platform of the hill,
Lies gentle Robin Hood, his mighty heart
All muffled up in dust and his bright eyes
Quenched in eternal darkness. Never more
Shall the woods echo to his bugle horn,
Or his unerring arrow strike the deer
Swift flying, till it hits the bloody grass

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

"I was accused of being "disloyal" and also a Satanist!!!!" - Barbara Green

You ARE disloyal. Even people in your own camp recognise that fact. But when and where were you ever accused of being a Satanist? That is you acting as an extension to Farrant who spreads the same fabricated propaganda. In Farrant's case, he has only been accused of theatrical Satanism for the sake of generating self-publicity (what would you call someone who admits in an article written by himself that he evoked a "satanic force" after cutting a naked female with a knife in Highgate Cemetery?*), while in reality he is an attention-seeker who will do and say anything to see his name in print.


This is what Illgrace posted on the Pagan Network on Hallowe'en 2006:

"Oh, I wouldn't worry to much about Master Farrant. This dude will crawl on his knees and drag his tongue along the tarmac of the M6 for 100 miles for 4 inches of print. He's a publicity junkie of the first water. Anybody that has had the misfortune to have read his 'essay's on pagan forums ... if he can't 'shock you' (oh, puleese) he will bang on and on and on and on about whatever fantasy trip he's on at the time. You can't believe anything he is getting his 0.2 seconds of fame for, so I doubt any of this will happen - he just wanted the picture of his lovely undead-like mug on the front of a paper - any paper would do. Indeed, I have a kind of paper in mind :-)."

"He wont answer awkward questions." - Barbara Green

Have you put any questions to him? You have been told how you can do this on his Q & A blog. Yet you don't ask him any questions. All you do is post abuse behind his back.

"He lumps you as a Farrant follower--ie a witch or satanist because you have been so impertenant to question his word about everything and everyone." - Barbara Green

If you are talking about the bishop, WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE?

You could face him and ask whatever questions you like, but when he sends you a PM you respond with personal abuse and immediately share his private message with Farrant while discussing it on the internet. If that is not the behaviour of a Farrant follower, I don't what is?

"Yet he refuses to admit he was the one who, as it were, put us in touch with him." - Barbara Green

You read a book in which barely a handful of pages mention Farrant in relation to the Highgate Vampire case and the ensuing court cases. How does it follow that the author "put you in touch with Farrant" because you read a book in which Farrant is mentioned in passing? If you read a book that mentions the Moors Murderers would you accuse the author of that book of introducing you to Ian Brady and Myra Hindley? That is how asinine your argument is.

"Its Hopeless!" - Barbara Green

What is "hopeless" is a woman older than Farrant (now approaching sixty-five years) who posts the same repetitious and infantile nonsense year in and year out, almost every day of her life, against someone who wants nothing to do with her and whom she has only briefly met twice a quarter of a century ago. You have an obsession which has grown down the years and is now out of control.

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

"What is "hopeless" is a woman older than Farrant (now approaching sixty-five years) who posts the same repetitious and infantile nonsense year in and year out, almost every day of her life, against someone who wants nothing to do with her and whom she has only briefly met twice a quarter of a century ago. This is an obsession!"

You are really referring to yourself, 'anonymous'. If you didn't keep pouring out all these reams of your twisted allegations, there would be no need to have to retract them.

You seem to be totally obsessed with Barbara and myself, 'anonymous', just because we dispute the ridiculous claims you make about 'vampires'. But by now, you have more than disclosed your true identity.

By the way, we are all still waiting to hear more about the vampire you claimed to have staked after she turned into a 'giant spider'. Your live-in girlfriend, wasn't it? if memory serves me correctly?

David Farrant, Patron, YRHS

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Thanks David

I did get an invite to his Friends blog--well I would not class myself as a friend so I declined. Anyway methinks it twas a trap of sorts, his nibs can, will and does obvioulsy know exatly what is said about him by his so called Vampire Society or other shop fronts he presents in a regular succession, all saying the same thing--Bishop Manchester is Mr Wonderful and knows nothing about this discussion about his good self --haha--but they obviously know eveything about HIM --who gives them their lines to read if not the bish himself, in fact, as we know, writes them under one guise or another. TheY presume to know his mind and history on all counts--seems very suspicious to me--surely--if "they" exist, they would have to check with him first for fear of, perish the thought, getting something wrong--easily done with that guy unless you stick by the Motto


If you stick by these rules you wont get any hassle!


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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

"If you didn't keep pouring out all these reams of your twisted allegations, there would be no need to have to retract them." - Farrant

But it is YOU who is self-publishing libellous material containing stolen images every five minutes. If you do that you must bear the consequence of your actions. Had you not made the reference to the VRS president in your article "How It All Began" on this website there would have been absolutely no need to have to retract your completely unnecessary smear. But you just can't help yourself. Such is your hatred, you cannot get through an interview or write an article without including some sort of reference to this man.

"You seem to be totally obsessed with Barbara and myself." - Farrant

Based on what evidence? Because people like me redress your personal attacks on the VRS president with whom you are both obviously totally obsessed?

You are the one self-publishing booklets about this man.

You are the one making nasty references about him on the internet every day.

You are the one who contacts his family and friends with your malicious material.

You are the one who devotes every waking moment of your life scheming to defame and somehow try to harm this man who you haven't actually seen or spoken to in decades.

He, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with you and ignores you. He has not mentioned you in a broadcast interview since March 1970 (and only then to try and help you) and makes it a condition of any interview he gives that you are not discussed. Meanwhile, you cannot get through any interview you give without constantly mentioning him in a derogatory and abusive manner throughout. Steve Genier interviewed you no less than three times in the space of few months for his blogtalk radio and on each occasion you talked of virtually nothing else but your archnemesis.

Who, in truth, is obsessed with whom?

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Yes, just like you are ignoring me now, Sean (sorry, I mean 'anonymous'!).

David Farrant, President, BPOS

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

If he wants nothing to do with you, David, then he should tell these interefering busybody guys who are writing in his name so to speak, putting dickipoggy posts up about you all the time all about you, and tell them to stop making nuisances of themselves as they are disobeying their leader who WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!! He cant expect you not to reply if they keep writing rubbish aboutyou--surely he can figure that out or has the tea pot cosy cooked his brains?
( same applies to me and others!)


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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

"Yes, just like you are ignoring me now, Sean (sorry, I mean 'anonymous'!)." - Farrant

If evidence were needed to demonstrate your obsession with a certain person, you have just provided it. You have used this ploy for years to avoid answering questions put directly to you. When it is proven to everyone that someone (for example, Anthony Hogg who is based in Australia, and others besides) is not your archnemesis you STILL refuse to answer any questions put to you and accuse that person of being in league with the individual you are totally obsessed with; even though such an accusation is patently preposterous.

"If he wants nothing to do with you, David, then he should tell these interefering busybody guys who are writing in his name so to speak, putting dickipoggy posts up about you all the time all about you, and tell them to stop making nuisances of themselves as they are disobeying their leader who WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!! - Barbara Green

As you and Farrant have had explained to you in the past, this idea exists only in your head. The person you are obsessed with has already stated on the internet that he would advise people to ignore Farrant, should they seek his opinion on the matter, but he would not tell anyone what they should do. That is up to them. Even members of the Vampire Research Society are free to form their own opinions and act on them accordingly. Even so, we are aware that the VRS president prefers that we do not engage in anything because it merely provides Farrant with the publicity he desperately craves. We are nevertheless free to do as we see fit on this and any other matter.

On another thread, Farrant ludicrously claims that the VRS came into existence in the 1980s. He is actually talking about his "BPOS" which cannot be traced back prior to 1983. Farrant is the only member of his "society" which is why any board, blog or forum he opens in the name of the "BPOS" attracts no members; just the curious and casual internet surfers who usually reside in far flung parts of the world and know nothing about Farrant's non-existent "society" apart from what he tells them. The Vampire Research Society, founded on 2 February 1970, arose as an autonamous unit out of the British Occult Society whose president was Seán Manchester until 8 August 1988 when the BOS was formally dissolved. Seán Manchester had been its president since June 1967, and he remains the VRS president.

The BOS made its television debut on 13 March 1970 when its president featured on Today (Thames Television) to represent the Society’s investigation into reported happenings in and around Highgate Cemetery, London, that had been accumulating since early 1967. A number of witnesses to an alleged vampire spectre were also interviewed by Sandra Harris for Today. These consisted largely of children and a young man by the name of David Farrant. When asked what he had seen by Sandra Harris, Farrant described what he alleged to have encountered a few weeks earlier as looking as though it had been "dead for a long time," insisting that it was "evil." Farrant's description would alter radically in later years, eventually becoming "mist" with "two red eyes" a quarter of a century later. Throughout 1970, at least, Farrant made no pretence of any association or membership within the British Occult Society. Needless to say, he was not then, or at any time, a member of the British Occult Society.

From 1971, Farrant began to describe himself as a wiccan high priest and occultist, who was also involved in spiritism, ie contacting the dead. In August 1995, however, he revealed in Rob Brautigam's home-produced International Vampire magazine that he was "in fact no longer a Wiccan as such" and was "no longer dependent on any man-made Creeds or inflicted doctrines." That notwithstanding, prior to the autumn of 1970, he was neither wiccan nor occultist, and seemed closer to something more resembling Roman Catholicism, often wearing, as he did, a Catholic rosary around his neck for press and television interviews.

Seán Manchester and David Farrant have only appeared on the same television transmission twice, both times in 1970, when Seán Manchester represented the British Occult Society on the Today programme, 13 March 1970, and, some months later, on the BBC’s 24 Hours programme, 15 October 1970, where Seán Manchester was again introduced as the president of the British Occult Society whose North London premises was included in the film footage during the programme.

Farrant’s appearance on Today was as one of a number of witnesses who claimed to have seen a vampire, and on 24 Hours as someone who had been arrested in Highgate Cemetery whilst attempting to stalk and impale the rumoured vampire.

In the second of these filmed interviews, filmed by the BBC on location at Highgate Cemetery, Farrant demonstrated his stalking technique with a home-made cross and wooden stake, whilst adorned with a Roman Catholic rosary around his neck. This is completely at odds with what he today claims he was doing. The film report was reshown by the BBC in May 1999. There was no mention of his being involved in wicca or the occult. In the original 24 Hours interview, however, he did echo the fact that Satanists had been using the cemetery for clandestine ceremonies. This view was also held by Seán Manchester, the British Occult Society, the police, the media, and many members of the public.

For the record:

(1) David Farrant has at no time worked, investigated or researched any case with Seán Manchester and the British Occult Society.

(2) David Farrant has at no time been a member of the British Occult Society, nor has he been otherwise associated with the BOS.

(3) In March 1970, Farrant took Seán Manchester to the spot in Highgate Cemetery where he had claimed in the press to have witnessed a vampire. The two men met due to (and soon after) Farrant's letter to his local newspaper, published on 6 February 1970. Seán Manchester interviewed many witnesses, and some of them took him to the scene of their alleged experience. A photographic record was usually kept by the Society. A picture of Farrant and BOS president Seán Manchester, together at Highgate Cemetery, was first published on the front page of the Hampstead & Highgate Express, 6 March 1970. Later the same picture appeared in Seán Manchester's first edition of The Highgate Vampire (British Occult Society, 1985).

(4) It should be clarified that David Farrant's “British Psychic and Occult Society” (1983-?) was in no way connected to the British Occult Society (1860-1988) whose president for its last twenty-one years, prior to dissolution on 8 August 1988, was Seán Manchester.

(5) David Farrant’s appearance on Today was solely as one of a number of witnesses who claimed to have seen a traditional, ie blood-sucking, vampire at the graveyard. He claimed no connection to the British Occult Society whose president, on the same programme, warned against Farrant's proposed lone vampire hunt. This was eventually executed by Farrant some five months later and it became the reason for his second television interview. Farrant's presence on 24 Hours was entirely due to his arrest in Highgate Cemetery on 17 August 1970 (when he was found in possession of a sharp wooden stake and a Christian cross).

In August 1970, Seán Manchester received a hand-delivered note from Farrant (published on page 110 of The Highgate Vampire, Gothic Press, 1991), followed by correspondence sent from Brixton Prison where Farrant was being held on remand until he was acquitted of the charge of being in an enclosed area for an unlawful purpose because Highgate Cemetery cannot be described as "an enclosed area."

(6) Toward the end of 1970, Farrant slowly began to dismiss the vampire despite him having a vampire face mural on the wall above his home-made altar. His small flat in Archway Road was raided by Scotland Yard detectives in early 1974. They discovered the altar and mural of the vampire.* Farrant was held on remand until his various trials at the Old Bailey were heard in June 1974. The outcome of these trials was Farrant receiving a prison sentence of four months and eight months. He appealed against his sentence. All his appeals failed.

* A photograph of Farrant's altar beneath a vampire face mural can be found on page 74 of The Vampire Hunter's Handbook (Gothic Press, 1997), while another photograph of the same altar, including the vampire face mural, plus Farrant standing before it clutching a ritual dagger, is revealed on page 49 of From Satan To Christ (Holy Grail, 1988).

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green


Still talking about yourself in the 3rd person 'anonymous'. You really give yourself away by dropping your own name all the time.

I founded the British Occult Society in 1967, for the purposes of investigating supernatural phenomena, but its purpose was NOT to investigate vampires; indeed, we did not even believe in them. I knew you at the time, 'anonymous', and I visited your Holloway flat for dinner on a number of occasions. Indeed, it was here that you showed a group of us the 8mm home-made film you had made on the Highgate 'vampire' in 1969. Perhaps not surprisingly, this film starred yourself. Your then girlfriend 'Lusia' was also in this film which showed her being 'staked' by yourself.

You first approached myself in the Woodman pub in Highgate when I was sitting with Toni Hill and his wife and I was with my first wife Mary. You were always pestering me to find out about BOS investigations and to join the Society in this respect. I eventually allowed you to become a 'fringe' member but you were expelled from all Society activities in 1970. One reason was, you kept trying to put 'vampires' on the Society's agenda and in this respect released a lot of Society photographs to the Press without prior permission. The other reason was you were an active member of the National Front Party - indeed you canvassed for them at the 1970 June election.
Following your expulsion, you suddenly took to calling yourself 'President' of the Society much to the amusememt of the Press and the local populace. Subsequently, stories often got into both the National and local Press about this seen conflict within the Society. These newspaper reports are all on record.
Your claims contnued for many years and eventually decided me to change the name of the Society to the British Psychic and Occult Society in 1983.
This latter story was also reported in the Press.

Now again, why do you keep avoiding the issue of the beautiful young vampire, 'Lusia', who you claim you 'staked' after she had turned into a giant spider.

After all, it was you who made this claim, not myself!

David Farrant, President, BPOS

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

But if the bishop wants nothing to do with David--or me-why are you going against his wishes and stoking up the fires?


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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Are you saying you wish to insult David and myself up hill and down dale--on the bishops behalf--( who doesnt know what you are up to and would not like it if he knew as he wants nothing to do with farrant) ) but we havent got to reply--as this makes us--well you know........

Is that what you are saying?

We havent to reply, we have to agree that we are very naughty persons?

looking forward to your reply




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