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Kfar Hawald Encounter 1996

On October 20, thirty three year old Eli Hawald, had a UFO encounter in the village of Kfar Hawald. According to Barry Chamish, journalist and Israel based UFO Investigator ‘The tiny village has no electricity and when Eli Hawald went outside at 11:00 PM, all was too clear for him. "Out of nowhere I saw a gigantic green light, the colour of a traffic light, fall out of the sky. I ran into the house, locked the door and watched from the window. When the craft was about ten metres above the ground, the light was dimmed and three figures were 'shot' to the ground from it. I began to shake. They had human-like bodies but because they were 20 metres from my house, I couldn't distinguish their faces, just their colour, which was completely black. They acted oddly. They would fan out, quickly return to one formation and fan out again. I remember two things distinctly. They reformed after a siren was sounded that resembled puppies crying. And their speed was fantastic, tens of metres in two seconds. At this point, I alerted my wife and children and we escaped through the back door."

I could not find Kfar Hawald on the maps and therefore I am unsure whether the name has changed in translation or for some other reason. Therefore the map reference below is not accurate.

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