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Sylvan Lake Crash?

The following article entitled 'Did something crash in Sylvan Lake on Monday? Authorities in Forest Lake say they don't know' appeared on the Forest Lake Times website on Tuesday 28 Jult 2009.  It was written by staff writer Jennifer Larson.

Whatever supposedly crashed into Sylvan Lake, creating 30 to 40 foot waves on Monday was never recovered nor spotted.

The search and rescue team from Forest Lake Fire and Resuce responded with its airboat to a call from 10050 N. 204th Street just before 2 p.m. of a sizeable object landing in the body of water located south of Scandia Trail (TH-97).

The Washington County Dive Team also had nine members searching below the surface through murky water to depths of around 26 feet without locating anything.


Before the dive team arrived, search and rescue spied air bubbles in a 20 foot diameter.

According to Forest Lake Fire Chief Gary Sigfrinius, the report from a credible eyewitness turned out to be unfounded. He said the lakeshore property owner was doing laundry in the basement and saw a large swirl and it appeared the water was churning.

According to the incident report made to the Forest Lake Police Department, the caller looked into the sky and thought the wave action was from a helicopter. Sigfrinius told the Forest Lake City Council there was no petroleum film from a boat/plane wreck or debris floating on the water surface.

“We don’t know what it was,” he said.

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Re: Sylvan Lake Crash?

It reminds me of a supposed air battle between RAF Tornado ADVs and alien crafts which took place over Derbyshire in 1997 or 1998. At least one craft (whatever extraterrestrial or human you decided) was said to have been shot down and to have crash landed in a reservoir causing massive waves. RAF posted no Tornado losses between 1996 and 2004, a truly remarkable record.
It's an old story that's been around the UFO community for a decade now, as usual caution is advised.

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