You are hereFfynnon Dyfnog, St. Dyfnog’s Well, Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch

Ffynnon Dyfnog, St. Dyfnog’s Well, Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch

Situated in a copse approximately 200 yards West of Eglwys St. Dyfnog, with access via a gate in the graveyard, is Ffynnon Dyfnog, (the well of Saint Dyfnog) which is a rectangular stone bath (18 inches deep) fed by a spring. Tradition states that Saint Dyfnog lived at this site during the 6th Century and did penance by standing under the torrents. The well is reputed to have healing powers, capable for healing skin disorders, arthritis, smallpox, dumbness and deafness! Not surprisingly, the well became a renowned Holy well in the late Middle Ages, and attracted many pilgrims, which in turn brought wealth to the area.

The well was still popular in the 18th Century, when the bathing pool was paved with marble, and rooms were constructed around the well for the convenience of the bathers. These structures have now been removed, but there is evidence that the woodland path to the well was landscaped in the 19th Century.

Saint Dyfnog is celebrated on the 13th February.

Simon Topham

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