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Pistyll Teilo

This pool and waterfall lie in a ravine below an old ruined curch dedicated to St Teilo (Capel Teilo). The water from the waterfall has long been thought to have healing properties, it was said to heal bruises and other ailments including rheumatism and sprains. All you had to do was hold the affected part in the main stream of icy water for a short while. A ghost is also said to haunt the vicinity wailing like a banshee. She cries 'Mae'n hir ac yn o'r i ares I orwyr Wil Wattar' (It is long and cold to wait for the descendants of Wil Wattar).

Spirits and corpse candles are said to be seen on a road from Mynyddygarreg through Cwm Teilo to Trimsaran.

Waterfalls were long regarded as mysterious places by the Celts, and were often haunted by banshees and other supernatural creatures. In Scotland the most likley place to meet a Urisk, similar to a Greek Fawn (half human half goat) was by a waterfall.

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