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The A44 WWII Phantom Bomber

A WWII phantom bomber has been seen by independent witnesses on separate occasions whilst driving on the A44, probably in the vicinity of Eisteddfa Gurig Farm at the base of Pumlumon 2,467ft. The aircraft flies silently and low to the ground as if it is going to crash into a hill. Coincidently, Pumlumon has the remains of a WW2 bomber scattered on one of its slopes, which may be connected to these sightings. The eyewitness accounts do not accurately identify the aircraft, but I think they must be referring British Lancaster heavy bomber, since these were used to deploy the bouncing bombs mentioned in one account. I don’t know if this apparition is linked to the Bow Street Phantom Lancaster Bomber.

“I was at university in Aber’ about 10 years ago and my mum was driving me home through the B roads to Bristol (like there’s a choice!). I saw through the sunroof of the car, an enormous WWII grey bomber plane skimming the top of the trees above us as if it was going to crash land but was making no noise. We had all windows and the sunroof open as it was summer, but yet heard nothing. We both saw it just miss the side of the hill as we went round the corner and both expected to see the wreck on the other side of the hill - but there was nothing there. It was bizarre - we have both always thought we saw a ghost plane and have seen in the national papers stories of ghost planes in Wales. We both honestly think to this day we saw a ghost plane - there could not have been any other explanation - it could not have missed the hill - it could not have been any more than 50 ft above us!” Shelley Hobbs, Gibraltar.

“I was driving along the A44 between Llangurig and Aberystwyth on Thursday 15th March 2007 midway between Llangurig and Aberystwyth at a point where the landscape is very hilly. About half way along I was startled to see an old green aircraft only about 15 feet, if that, from the ground, it was making no noise which struck me as odd, it was to my right and looked as if it was about to cross the road and crash. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw nothing cross the road, there was no noise and no crash, the plane had just vanished. About a week later I was watching Foyle’s War on TV. They showed a sequence of a bouncing bomb being tested during WW2, to my surprise the aircraft being used was exactly the same as the one I saw on the way to Aberystwyth (but Foyle’s war had used archive film). I have driven that route several times since and have not seen any plane again. I am also puzzled as to why the aircraft was flying so low in such a hilly area, why it made no noise and why there was no crash. I am convinced I saw a ghost plane from WW2”. Paul Jay, Willenhall.

Simon Topham

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Re: The A44 WWII Phantom Bomber

One witness described a grey plane and th eother a green one.  It seems unlikely by there could be two differant planes haunting the same area I suppose.

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Re: The A44 WWII Phantom Bomber

I think it is unlikely that there are two different hauntings, it must be just down to the witness's perception and understanding of what they saw. One might be colourblind, or wearing sunglasses etc. I'm dissappointed that neither witness could identify the aircraft, don't they teach Modern History in school anymore? 



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