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The Dylan Thomas Boat House

The Dylan Thomas Boat House is found in Laugharne, set at the foot of a cliff overlooking the Tâf estuary. Dylan Marlais Thomas (Born 27 October 1914 – Died 9 November 1953) lived in the house between 1949 and 1953 with his family. It is now a shrine to poet, and a popular tourist attraction for Carmarthenshire County Council receiving around 15,000 visitors a year. There is the ‘writing shed’ close to the main house where it is said he spent most of his time, but this is debatable. Dylan died whilst working in the U.S.A. and his body was returned to Laugharne and interred beneath a simple cross in the cemetery. Caitlin, his widow refused to live in the boat house after Dylan’s death, but his mother Florence stayed there until her death in 1958. It is alleged to be Florence’s ghost that haunts the shrine to her son. Staff working at the attraction, reported hearing the sound of a chair scraping on the floor upstairs when they open the door in the morning, and they have found the lights mysteriously switched on overnight. There have also been books knocked from the shelves and on other occasions the pictures on the walls upstairs have been found to be swapped around.

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Re: The Dylan Thomas Boat House

Dylan's mother, Florence Williams was born at 29 Delhi Street, St. Thomas, Swansea.



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