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Bryn Celli Dhu

The name of this site translates as the mound in the dark grove. It is a developed site, which changed in ritual use and importance during the Neolithic and Bronze age period.

Archaeological excavations during 1928-29 revealed a complex history, the first phase of the site consisted of a henge and a circle of standing stones, constructed in the late Neolithic period. Towards the beginning of the Bronze Age the stones and the henge were replaced with a chambered burial mound. The mound - which was once on a much larger scale - is now only partially visible covering the main burial chamber. After an extended period of use the passage and entrance to the tomb were sealed with blocks of stone and rubble. Near the back of the chamber is a cast of a pattern stone decorated with a spiralling snake like motif. The original is now in the Welsh National Museum & Gallery in Cardiff.

Excavations also revealed a pit next to the 'pattern stone' where a fire had been lit, and a human ear-bone placed, afterwards capped by a flat stone. Archaeologists believe that the pit dates to the henge period of the site, although the meaning of the ritual is lost to us. The tomb is one of the best-preserved burial chambers in Wales.

Directions: Off the A4080, signposted at the turn to Llanddaniel Fab.

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Daniel Parkinson

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Re: Bryn Celli Dhu

The above video footage was taken during a visit by my wife and I in September 2009.  I can see we will have to invest in some lighting gear and a steady cam :).  I thought we'd share it anyway.

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Re: Bryn Celli Dhu

This is providing unbelievable help to me for a story I'm writing Ian. I never imagined I'd have even a glimpse of the site in anything other than photographic format. Although I'd love to visit Anglesey, it's a bit out of the way for me. Maybe, though...

Thanks for sharing this.

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Re: Bryn Celli Dhu

I am glad you like it Andrasta. There are a few other bits of video footage dotted through the site. 

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