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Pen Dinas Hill Fort, Great Orme

There was once an Iron Age hill fort at this area called Pen Dinas on the Great Orme. Archaeologists have identified the remains of more than fifty hut circles and some degraded defensive ramparts. Pen Dinas is subsidiary peak that juts out of the Great Orme, and it is a good defensive location for a settlement.

There is also a peculiar stone at Pen Dinas known as the ‘Rocking Stone’. It has a plaque on it, so you will be able to find it. It is speculated that this stone may have been an ancient druidical stone of justice, that could have been used to try people accused of crimes. Theory has it that the prisoner was blindfolded and put on to the rock. If the rock happened to move, they would shout that he’s innocent, if it didn’t move, he was guilty and thrown down the cliff.

Simon Topham

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