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Tre'r Ceiri (Town of Fortresses)

To the North of Pwllheli, between the main road from Llanaelhaearn to Llithfaen, and the coast, are three peaks known as ‘the Rivals’ in English and ‘Yr Eifl’ in Welsh. Upon the eastern peak is an Iron Age hill fort called Tre’r Ceiri which is regarded by many as the most important prehistoric town in North Wales if not the whole of Europe. It has been estimated that it was occupied between 1000.B.C. and the Roman occupation

The site covers some five acres and was originally enclosed by three walls, which are still as high as fifteen feet in some parts. Within the walls are various dwellings or enclosures of different sizes (about 150 in total), with the diameter of some of the circular dwellings being around sixteen feet.

Considering the age of the site, and the rumour that there was hoard of gold hidden at the site, the present condition is wonderful, although hundreds of visitors climb to the hill fort every year.

Simon Topham

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