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Maes Artro Heritage Museum, now Artro Lodges

The Maes Artro Heritage Museum is no longer open to the public; it closed down several years ago. There is now a holiday park on the site, although some of the museum buildings are currently still standing, although derelict. Historically, the site was connected with RAF Llanbedr (1941- 2004). It served as a training camp (RAF's No. 12 Fighter Gunnery School (opened in 1943)) and a place of rest and recuperation during World War II, for active squadrons. The museum once described the history of RAF Llanbedr, along with a section showing rural life prior to the introduction of electricity, and it also housed a recreated Welsh village street circa 1900.

The Maes Artro site is or was, allegedly haunted. It has been reported that the ghosts of two World War II airmen are the cause of much mischief that has been described. Supposed supernatural happenings included chairs moving on their own, strange voices, and small items going missing when they had been put down somewhere.

On the 11th, 12th and 13th of September 2004, the ‘Most Haunted Live’ team filmed a three night live broadcast from Llanbedr, with the Maes Artro Heritage Museum as the focus. It was titled ‘Most Haunted Live Series - Episode 10’.

Simon Topham

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