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Royal Goat Hotel, Beddgelert

The Royal Goat Hotel is linked to stories suggesting a haunting, though I don’t know of any actual haunting type occurrences that have happened there. The stories relate to David Pritchard, the first landlord of the Royal Goat Hotel and the man generally thought responsible for the Grave of Gelert.

According to the story, David Pritchard died in 1821 at the age 52 before he had the chance to spend all the money he had acquired or as the story goes make a Will. It is said his ghost would roam the streets of Beddgelert on the evenings following his death and the locals would stay inside their homes locking their doors in fright. David’s old retainer, named Huw had no fear of his former employer and went out each night to see why his master was not resting. One night he met the ghost of David Pritchard who led him back the cemetery and stood upon his grave, as if to confirm his identity. Huw asked David why he was resting in his grave and the reply was that he was restless because he had not made a will and feared his wife would not find the money he secreted away for them both. He instructed Huw to uncover the money he had hidden away under a flagstone at The Royal Goat Hotel and give one hundred guineas to his wife,keeping two guineas for himself. This was duly done and according to the story David Pritchard stopped haunting the streets of Beddgelert.

There is another story that he walks the corridors of The Royal Goat Hotel smiling whenever anyone spends any money in there. Another account I found named the ghost in the hotel as David’s retainer. Again I don’t know of any actual reports of experiences at the hotel, though I would be happy to hear of any.

Famous guests that have stayed at the hotel have included Joanne Whaley, Ingrid Bergman (whilst locally filming The Inn of the Sixth Happiness), Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught (1850-1942) and Japan’s crown prince before he became the Emperor.

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