Category: Road Ghosts


A3, Milford

The following incident reputedly took place on 6 November 2010. ‘An off duty police officer driving home was forced to brake and swerve to avoid an oncoming motorcycle on the wrong side of the...


A15 Ruskington

The following article by Matthew Lodge entitled ‘The ‘haunted’ stretch of Lincolnshire road which has left drivers quaking’ appeared in Lincolnshire Live on 22 October 2019. ‘From footsteps heard in the middle of the...


Howlet’s Close

Between Prestonmill and Kirkbean—midway between the two villages—there is a small plantation, with, on the other side of the road, a larger wood. The road itself at this particular part forms a hollow. This...


A710 Derry’s How

‘Between Mainsriddel and Prestonmill there is a sequestered part of the road known as “Derry’s How,” once reputed to be haunted by an evil spirit in the form of a black four-footed beast. [Another]...


Dalbeattie Boulder

‘Until some years ago a huge boulder lay at the roadside on the way from Dalbeattie to Colvend, not far from the cottage known as the “Wood Forester’s.” The story was, that this was...


Three Cross Roads, Arbigland

‘The “Three Cross Roads” near Arbigland is the next spot of ghost-lore association, round which there lingers a rather romantic tale. A young lady, a member of the well-known family of Craik (of Arbigland)...

Radiant Boy

‘There is the popular legend of the ‘Radiant Boy’ — a strange boy with a shining face, who has been seen in certain Lincolnshire houses and elsewhere. This ghost was described to Mr. Baring-Gould by a Yorkshire farmer, who, as he was riding one night to Thirsk, suddenly saw pass by him a ‘radiant boy’ on a white horse.

Beck Row

There is a story associated with the road between Beck Row and Holywell Row. One version suggests a large figure appeared before a group of people near to Aspal Hall saying either "Don’t fear me – fear my follower!" (or ‘Don’t fear me, fear what follows me’). As he vanished there was a huge gust of wind.

Nursery Corner, Acton

‘In the little village of Acton, Suffolk, a legend was current not many years ago, that on certain occasions, which, by the way, were never accurately defined, the park gates were wont to fly open at midnight “withouten hands," and a carriage drawn by four spectral horses, and accompanied by headless grooms and outriders, proceeded with great rapidity from the park to a spot called