Black Annis – Leicester

Black Annis – Leicester

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  1. bedb says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    This is incredible. I’ve been discussing Black Annis on another website. I found a Canadian book on pdf file that has a character named Anu Dubh….which is said was Black Annis.  It also posed a link to Aine, the Irish goddess of spring.

    I’ve also read pros and cons on the Danu/Anu connection.

  2. myvoodoochild says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    I’m glad to see that you found my post helpful. It sounds like you’re really interested in Black Annis.

    I’ve also been researching the connection Danu/Anu. I’ve not come up with any definite conclusion but the more I read about her the more she seems like Nature/Earth Goddess but in the end it’s only theory.

  3. bedb says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    I like Black Annis stories…that they have survived amazes me.

    I do not hold that Danu is an earth goddess….I believe she’s the mother of all rivers. I found something very interesting. Danu in the IndoAryan religion (Hindu but older)..she is cut open and all rivers come from her body…and her children are the enemies of the Aryans. It was like reading the old Balor story on the Danann were acting the part of the Fomorii.

    I think the ancient Europeans were influenced by the Egyptians into believing the earth was masculine and the sun traveled in a sky boat. Plus one of our presidents, Thomas Jefferson, has descendents and when the did an mtDNA test on him…it trailed back to a woman whose closest ancestors or kinsmen were in Egypt…and Thomas was a Welshman.

    Still….I’m in love with old UK beliefs. Many I wish we still had.

  4. myvoodoochild says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    Now that’s interesting. I’ve been looking more in the UK’s aspect of Black Annis and her connections and UK Folklore as whole but it looks like it’ll be worth finding out more about it in other cultures and countries.

  5. bedb says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    Are you familar with the American author Laurell K Hamilton?
    Black Annis was/is a character in her Merry Gentry series. I’ve been able to figure out that she is being used as one of the hags in the Bride myth of Scotland…and as an incarnation of Aine. I am waiting to find out if she’s really dead or not.

    I’m not allowed to discuss mythology on her boards….used to…but now I’m not. Ms. Hamilton is Dianic Wiccan and it does get a wee bit frustrating sometimes since I am more Celtic pagan. heheheheeh

  6. myvoodoochild says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    Unfortunately I’ve not familiar with Laurell K Hamilton. I think I’ll have to check her out. I’m glad to see that Black Annis has reached America though. I wasn’t expecting many People outside of Leicester, England (my home town) to have heard of her.

  7. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    Laurell K Hamilton is a very good author, I am sure I must most if not all of her books.  Check out the Anita Blake vampire hunter books to.

  8. myvoodoochild says:

    Re: Black Annis – Leicester
    I went to the Library after I read these comment and borrowed an Anita Blake book. I couldn’t find the first book in the series but I picked up ‘The Killing Dance’ instead (for some reason as it’s not the first in the series) and I put a hold on ‘A Kiss of Shadows’ from the Merry Gentry series, so, I get it next when the book is returned.