Brazilian Black Magic?

Brazilian Black Magic?

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4 Responses

  1. robbiethered says:

    Re: Brazilian Black Magic?
    Heinous and despicable.

    No excuse for this, ever.

    Things like this horror give witches a very bad and undeserved reputation.

    However, it unfortunately seems to go on sometimes, especially in less developed countries.
    I’ve read reports of murder and modern human sacrifice from africa too, even though most African occultists/magicians will denounce it too.

    Such sickening cruelty is condemned by practising and educated witches and occultists, I’m sure others would agree with me. Nobody sensible does anything of the sort. In fact a large amount of modern witches are rockers of one type or another, and some may even decide to kick the sh*t out of people guilty of such horrible child abuse.

    Whatever horrific method these people have tried to use, assuming some magical involvement, is not necessary to curse someone, if that was the intent there – nor probably very effective either.

  2. Mauro says:

    Re: Brazilian Black Magic?
    I like very much the definition "Black Magic"… if I remember correctly Eliphas Levi invented it to silence potential critics and it stuck on ever since.
    In my opinion it was probably an half-baked attempt at agopuncture. You won’t believe how many persons try pinning needles in their own flesh using a chart found in some New Age book…

    In Distortion We Trust

  3. Red Don says:

    Re: Brazilian Black Magic?
    It’s hard to believe stuff like this goes on in this day and age, regardless to whether there was an actual occult ritual or not.

  4. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Brazilian Black Magic?
    Don, you’ve obviously never seen what passes for humanity or education in some places.  Here in the US I’ve seen people do some damn strange things, including the eating of hearts to gain power and people selling baby in a jar for rituals.  (I’m not joking)

    We do, after all, live in a world where judges have actually ruled that just because a contract is written in blood does not mean that it carries any extra legal weight.

    Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima