Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)

Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)

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11 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    I know a few people that have been involved with the show in one capacity or another and afer their comments on Derek I must admit I am a bit dubious.  Remember that the show is just entertainment and has no value when it comes to scientific research, much like the American Ghosthunters show.

    I was actually telephoned late one night by someone working on a Most Haunted episode whilst Derek was still involved.  They were asking whether he had been in contact with me and the website getting information prior to the shoot.

  2. Englishpsychic says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
     Well, since there are a number of people who around who probably doubt the authenticity of the mediums in this show, I wonder why Ciaran should put his media career at risk by blurting it all out. … especially when he has stuck out this long. Something looks fishy…

  3. James G Day says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    There are several references to Acorah being caught cheating on occasions even before he achieved  his current level of fame.  Just put "Derek Acorah cheating" in your search engine and see what arises. Of course this makes no difference either to the laughably inept "Most Haunted" or Acorah’s popularity.  His whole edifice is predicated on the fact that so many want to believe (as they did with the late and unlamented cheat Doris Stokes).  Coupled to that, nothing brings in the punters more than controversy.  Acorah’s performance is no better (or more accurate) than one can see for a modest contribution at a spiritualist church any weekend. 

  4. markjones1970 says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    I think Derek does have the ability. I just reckon he got a bit caught up in the drama a bit, got carried away in being on a regular TV show and got caught out. To carry on as far as he did and not have any ability would have been nigh on impossible.

  5. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    In most cases the media are not there to investigate, they want to tell a predetermined story that they know will get visitor figures.  I came across censorship of one of my experiences when filmed for ‘Strange But True’ and that was an eye opener for me.

    As for your comment Mark, I think you may be right.  I have no idea whether he has any genuine ability or has psychic type experiences, but I can only imagine the pressure placed on someone doing a show like Most Haunted, where, if the psychic does not come up with the goods they have nothing at all to show except some IR footage and some screaming.

  6. James G Day says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    Would it have been impossible?  On such a superficial level I very much doubt  it.  The very best that can be said of Acorah is that he is not very talented at what he purports to display.  Any spiritualist church regularly holds services where similar purported phenomena is shown.  The people who do that seek neither fame nor wealth.  They are sincere but at least in my view sadly deluded and so are their congregations.

    As  to the comment above about the scientist "risking his media career".  It should be noted that appearances in the media do not have the same  "pizazz" for everyone – especially academics who have a good living and a reputation to uphold among their peers.  I can sympathise with him.  I was ignored and totally disillusioned by the BBC when I contacted them about a case I knew to be fraudulent.  I sought no publicity or profit but was ignored anyway in the most arrogant and ignorant fashion.  Later on the same claims were "investigated" by an independent TV company who offered workers at the place in question a bribe of £40 if they would "talk up" the paranormal claims during interviews. To their credit they all refused.  Trust me folks, the media world stinks.  It is shallow, sensationalist and amoral and has no place in the serious investigation of anything.

  7. James G Day says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    Absolutely right Ian.  And as a matter of interest the Independent TV prog was the self same "Strange But True".  If you wish to waste eight minutes of your life on it, it is on You Tube.  Try putting "Strange but True Haunted Bomber" in the search engine and all is revealed.  You will note that no mention is made of a thorough investigation by Wolverhampton Polytechnic which had been made before this was filmed. It turned up nothing anomalous.  If you Email Cosford Aerospace Museum they will send a copy of the Wolverhampton Polytechnic report from circa 1991 or 2.  One thing they do mention on
    S but T is the fact that the original "ghost stories" had been fabricated by the museum itself – then they go on to present it as a legitmate case anyway!!

  8. Leekduck says:

    Need Moar Ghost Shows
    I wouldent mind the Most Haunted team AS much, If it wasent for the fact that they are just about the Only British-Based Paranormal Team on Television

  9. Andrew livingstone says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
      well put it this way Derek acorah and the most haunted team ,did more for ghost hunting mediumship than anyone before them ,so hats off to them I say .

  10. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    Hi Andrew, welcome to the site.  That is a good point, but, has mediumship really got a place when investigating a haunting.  Mediumship is unproven afterall, so the use of one in a scientific investigation would not really be expected or for that matter acceptable.  The use of mediums also tend to muddy the water somewhat.  We should bare in mind that ghosts may have absolutely nothing to do life after death or pyschic abilities and mediumship.

  11. Angel2012 says:

    Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)
    Hi, im new to this site and may be replying to some quite old comments but i still see them as relevant.

    I watch Most Haunted all the time literallly for its entertainment value!  There is never anything more than bangs or knocks in different rooms, screams (mainly from Yvette which really gets my goat) and absolutely everything is put down to paranormal. How annoying would it be if you were there trying to investigate and all you could hear was Yvette screaming and blocking out any noises that might be there! Then she has the gall to tell other people to shush when they are speaking!!!!  Grrr

    I am a great believer in mediums, psychics etc and am beginning my own self development but I am very sceptical about Derek Acorah and this is by his own making.  He tends to ‘overact’ when he is receiving a message from Sam and is way to animated.  He did himself no favours when he started becoming apparently possessed during every show and it always seemed to be by an angry spirit who wanted to just shout at people!  David is much more plausible. 

    I still think (as per one of my previous comments on a different topic) that scientific and psychic investigations should work together, not necessarily at the same time but it would certainly add strength not only to the suggestions that spirits are present but to each other’s area of investigation.