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  1. Abbieb25 says:

    I visited the Clifton suspension bridge yesterday, I parked my car on the road by Leigh woods and took some pictures of the autumnul trees, my partner took a photo of me and behind my head is an Orb with what looks like a face in it, the Orb is the same size as my head, the largest I have ever seen. Scarily the face looks devilish. I wonder if you have any similar sightings. 

  2. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Hello


    First i have had different experiences of things unknown,
    That i keep a healthy open mind about.

    I don’t know if you from that area im down living by Aberafon Sea front, i don’t know if you were just visiting you could have told me a bit more.

    But it is from all accounts got its own history of events, you may have notice this from the Samaritons if you need to talk, the fence they put up to stop people jumping.

    Apart from that when you look up did you notice a light house type building, (its an old snuff mill the sails no longer present after a fire) did you notice the big hole half way down the cliff where you see people sometimes emerge, or just didnt notice.

    On the blind assumption that you are not familiar with the area, the top of the hill is only 5 minute walk to the mill its now a visitor center, pop in go upstairs to the camera obscura, it projects Bristol the bridge and everything else onto a massive table you operate it yourself, or go down stairs and it will take you into the caves, you end up on the fantastic view point, half way in the cliff.

    Those caves if i remember was at one time an old church called st Vincents, where people prayed in secret in the days when religion of a certain order was deemed with great pre judice and bloodshed, apart from that if you drive across the bridge and head for the castle walls by the lights it will take you into another place with its own history besides being a big park, or if you turn left it takes you to another Ashton Court Estate, where its got Devil dogs grey ladies and the most seen the headless horseman, also one of these if its not the same by the universty buildings by the parking area, the green is where a trooper was killed or executed not far away, Brunel himself died before that bridge he built became into operation and was seen there after his death, there was a mad beggar who earned more money by killing than begging, theres a lot of accounts in recent times about all those who ended their lives appearing / dissappearing there, theres a lot to that place, soooooooooo you never know what you may pick up there……….



    There is over 3000 years of history here, Romans, The Slave Trade, War, The city does have a History anything is possible.

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Hello
    Hi Will and Abbie, welcome to the website and forum 🙂

  4. Will Wonder says:

    Re: Hello
    Thanks Ian