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About The Site and Authors

The idea for the Mysterious Britain web site sprang from a life long interest and investigation in the outlined subjects by the authors Danny J Parkinson and Ian Topham. Ian is an experienced paranormal investigator affiliated to ASSAP and Danny is a web designer and an investigator into the paranormal and earth mysteries.

The Team
Ian Topham
Ian has been actively investigating the paranormal for over 20 years, most of which has been in association with ASSAP, in particular what emerged and became known as the Northern Group of which he was a founding member.

Ian's key areas of research, interest and experience are within the scientific investigation of haunting phenomena (e.g. apparitions / poltergeists). He also has extensive experience in researching individual claims of the paranormal such as psychic ability, clairvoyance and mediumship. His perspective is one more from the point of view of the nature of the experience (what form they take / images / feelings, etc) and what this may tell us about such experiences, both psychologically and possibly parapsychologically.

He has been involved in a number of studies that attempt to test for such claims in the field environment and has aided in the design and implementation of such studies. He has also worked with a number of other regional groups across the country as an active member of their ongoing projects. He is also a fully accredited ASSAP researcher and is currently serving as their Vice Chair and Membership Officer. He has an avid interest in folklore and the occult and how these areas can influence the nature of strange experiences for people involved in these areas.

Current area of residence: Carlisle, North Cumbria, England.

Danny J Parkinson
Danny has been actively involved with investigating the paranormal for over 18 years; originally with ASSAP and the Northern Group in its early period, then independently.

His key areas of research are folklore, local legends, mythology and urban legends. He has been involved in researching the folklore and legends of local ancient sites, and believes that knowledge of folklore, legends and archaeology can enrich ones perspective of the landscape.

He has been involved in a number of ongoing projects and cases involving alleged paranormal events.

Current area of residence: North Ayrshire - Scotland.

Neil Boothman
Neil has been a regular reader of Mysterious Britain for over five years, having been introduced to the site by Ian Topham. Living close to The Lake District and The Yorkshire Dales, Neil spends time exploring these parts of the country. Reading the site has instigated an interest in the local myths, legends and folklore of his area, and he believes his experience of the landscape has gained an extra dimension.

Being a web and IT enthusiast, Neil was always keen to see Mysterious Britain reach its full interactive potential - he has worked with Ian and Danny to migrate and develop the site towards a modern content management system.

Current area of residence: Carlisle, North Cumbria, England.

We are dedicated to furthering knowledge in local landscape mysteries, folklore, myths and legends. The main aims of the web site are as follows:

  • To provide a growing resource for Britain's myths, legends, mysterious phenomena, 'sacred' sites and strange events.
  • To create a network of people interested in similar topics.
  • To stimulate interest in folklore and legend and its connection to the landscape.

Mysterious Britain Design Team:
The adverts featured in the Businesss Directory were created by the Mysterious Britain Design Team.

Ben Hudson & Ian Topham.

Mysterious Britain Sales Team:
Karolyn Jepson

Catherine Evans

List of Contributors:
Danny Parkinson: Founder, web design, research, drawn images, articles, photos where credited.

Ian Topham: Founder, articles, research, fieldwork, adverts and photos where credited.

Alison Topham: Photographs where credited, research.

Neil Boothman: Web development/design, articles, photographs where credited. 

Andy Paciorek: Original Artwork.  Andy is a graphic artist, drawn mainly to the worlds of myth, folklore and otherworldly experience. Please visit his website at

Colin Boothman: Photos where credited.

David Plant: Research, Articles.

Ben Hudson: Advert design, Mailing List administration, IT support.

Lee and Michaela Waterhouse: Research and photographs from some original field trips where credited. Based in Northwest England. Major thanks to Lee for his extended beta-testing sessions.

Carl Sowerby: Map icons

Louisa Dewar: Photographs

Andrew Homer: Articles, Photographs

Paul A McHugh: Articles

Michael Heads: Articles

Colin Boulter (Neilson Reeves Photography): Photographs

Stephen Graham: Text contributions.

Gordon Wright & Donna Wright: Photographs

Simon Topham: Photographs where credited, proof reading, research and articles.

Tim Birch: Photos of Cornwall and Dorset where credited.

Ian Dennis: Information on Live Roleplaying included in the Clubs and Societies Section.

Charles Walker: For use of articles.

Melanie Warren: For use of articles and proofreading.

Malcolm Pagan: Research, photographs where credited.

Dan Green: For use of articles.

M.C: For use of articles.

Andrew Tibbs: For use of articles, Forum Moderator.

Graeme Walla: For use of articles.

Jeremy Taylor: For use of articles.

Michael Liddell: Photographs of Scotland where credited.

Martin Fullalove: Photographs

Gemma Haller: Photographs

Sharon Heeley: Photographs

Greg Saldhana: Photographs

Mike Heffernan: For use of articles.

Richard Freeman: For use ofarticles. Centre for Fortean Zoology.

Roy Brown: Text

Alison Brierley: Folklore Text

Sarah Garraway: Photographs where credited.

Dermot Byrne: Stone Henge photo used in Summer Solstice banner

Additional Photographs By:
Gavin Mills, B Cleary, Paige Foster, Kathryn Radmall, Cynthia Berridge, Marek Bernat, Lloyd Carr, Steve Ford Elliot, Patrick Swan, Jon Stout, Mira Pavlakovic, Jitka Saniova /, Valery Sibrikov /



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