Here is list of quality sites related to the topics outlined within Mysterious Britain & Ireland

Fortean Magazines
Fortean Times
– The web site of the premier fortean magazine, has breaking news of strange events.

Strange MagThe magazine of strange phenomena, has breaking news of strange events.

News of The Weird A US based online resource of breaking news for all things weird.

The AnomalistThe web presence of the journal exploring the mysteries of Science, History and Nature – Has breaking news of strange events.

Third Stone MagazineThe website of Third Stone Magazine, an excellent biyearly magazine of archaeology, folklore and landscape mysteries

ASSAP– The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. Scientific research into the paranormal

Derby Paranormal Investigators Derby Paranormal Investigators carry out investigations throughout Derby and surrounding areas as well as national on occasions.

Occult and Paranormal – A website based in Worthing, West Sussex. It was formed some years ago by Charles Walker, who has 35 years experience in investigating hauntings and other aspects of the paranormal.

PSI– (Paranormal Site Investigators) PSI is an excepted education and research charity in the UK, with over 1300 associate members. It exists to educate the public about anomalous experiences, and to conduct scientific research.

PSICAN A coverall umbrella group dedicated to the research, study and exploration of topics considered to be “paranormal” within Canada

Northern Earth On-line– The web site for the Northern Earth Mysteries Group, lots of features on earth mystery themes.

BUFORA– The Web site of The British UFO Research Organisation, well designed and informative.

The Ghost Club– The web site of the Ghost Club, the longest established paranormal investigation society in Britain.

The West Midlands Ghost Club
– Established in 1991, to study and investigate (alleged) Paranormal Activity within the West Midlands, South Staffordshire and immediate surrounding area.

UK Hauntings– A group that investigates hauntings around the United Kingdom.

Paranormal Dimensions– The website of Paranormal Dimensions, a paranormal investigations group based in Norfolk.

South Wales Paranormal Research– Paranormal Investigation in South Wales, interested in establishing links with local groups and individuals.

Derwent Paranormal Investigators– A Derby based group of paranormal investigators.

Cambridge Paranormal Society– Specialises in strange goings on in Cambridgeshire but also investigates all around the country.

Paranormal Ulster – A psychic and paranormal investigation group based in County Down.

Hampshire Ghost Club
– Hampshire Ghost Club.

The Ghost Database– An encyclopedia of hauntings and other paranormal phenomena, looking from the perspective of an open-minded sceptic.

Parasearch– A well established West Midlands paranormal research group.

Chesterfield Psychic Study Group– A Group based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which offers a regular programme of lectures and research related to all aspects of the Paranormal.

South East London Folklore Society– A regular esoteric, pagan and paranormal moot which meets SELFS meet every second Thursday of the month at The Old King’s Head, Kings Head Yard, 45-49, Borough High St, London, SE1 1NA. Talks start at 8.00pm. Price £2.50/£1.50 concessions.

Paranormal Research Organisation–  The Paranormal Research Organisation (P.R.O) is dedicated to professional and authoritative research into ghosts and other supernatural phenomena, in the South West of England.

Mostly Haunted –  Mostly Haunted is a website run by a small team of paranormal site investigators based in the North West of England. The Mostly Haunted team visit locations supposed to be haunted in order to obtain evidence of the paranormal, in addition to conducting their own research into the unexplained.

The PigsWe carry out investigations into the paranormal in both public and private dwellings. The founders of our group have at some point served in the police force, hence the title. Because of that, we try to ensure that any tales of hauntings are actually backed up by evidence. Not just content to sit around in the dark and “call up spooks”, we have the full range of equipment to try and provide proof of paranormal activity.

The Staffordshire Paranormal Study GroupThe Staffordshire Paranormal Study Group is dedicated to the even-handed investigation of all paranormal activity. So far, we’ve investigated a variety of locations and had some interesting results with things like remote viewing. We’re an ASSAP accredited group, too.

C E ParanormalWe are a private team based in the Midlands and North of England. Most of the team have independently been investigating the paranormal for just over 6 years and have been together as a group for nearly 4 years (the current team members having been together for about 2 years.)

Leicestershire Paranormal Research Association (LPRA)An active team dedicated to the scientific study of anomalous Phenomenon. Based in the Midlands, UK.

Hull Paranormal Ghost Society
We are a new group in kingston Upon Hull,United Kingdom

Shadowseekers (UK) We are a non-profit, dedicated team of experienced paranormal investigators based in the UK and our Team Coordinators will guide you through Overnight Vigils and Paranormal Experiments allowing you to use Ghost Hunting Equipment to hopefully obtain the 100% proof that ghosts really do exist. We constantly seek new locations to investigate as well as returning to our previous venues, some of which have been featured on TV’s Most Haunted.

Parasearch Parasearch is not a Society or Club of voluntary members but a Scientific Organisation based in Huntingdonshire in the UK we also have an operation in Northern Canada. We offer our clients focused services in the field of Forensic Parapsychology.

Haunted MemoriesWe are based in Peterborough, cambridgeshire, but we undertake paranormal investigations throughout the UK.

UFOREAUFO Research East Anglia

G.H.O.S.T– General information on the team members and investigations we have carried out. Includes reports and footage.

Earth Mysteries
Paul Devereux’s Home Page– Paul Devereux’s home page, essential content for earth mysteries researchers.

The Ley HunterThe web presence of the Society of Ley Hunters.

Megalithic Map– The Megalithic Map is a resource for most of the stone circles in the British Isles. It has links to separate web sites of varying quality for each circle.

Megalithic Mysteries– A photo gallery and guide to many stone circles and megalithic sites with high quality images.

The Loch Ness Monster– Every thing you could want to know about the Loch Ness Monster, the official website.

The Loch Ness Monster– The Loch Ness Monster site full of upto date news and more geared towards visitors to the area

UFO Resources
UFO Folklore– Web Site examining the UFO Folklore theory.– A comprehensive site dealing with the many aspects of UFOs, Aliens and UFOlogy.

The Encyclopaedia Mythica– One of the best sites on the net for Mythology, Legend and Folklore from all over the world.

Anubis A site dedicated to Egyptian mythology with a database full of articles about Egyptian gods and hieroglyphics.

Celtic Folklore & Fantasy Fiction A site by creative writer S.J. McKenzie, dedicated to the use of Scots and Irish folklore in fantasy fiction.

Andy Paciorek– Original Artwork. Andy is a graphic artist, drawn mainly to the worlds of myth, folklore and otherworldly experience.

Other Related Sites
Timeless Myths– A website about old urban myths, legends and tales.

Famous Haunted Houses
An interesting list of well known reputedly haunted properties.

Jack McDonagh’s Art – An illustrator, whose work enters the realms of fantasy and touches on themes of solitude and forgotten histories.

Haunted Rooms – Haunted hotels, haunted inns, castles, and other haunted accommodation listed throughout the UK, all with many reports of ghostly activity.

Haunted Rooms (US)Haunted hotels, haunted inns and other haunted accommodation listed throughout the America, all with many reports of ghostly activity.

Historic MysteriesA quickly expanding website devoted to all aspects of historical mysteries. Here you will find articles ranging from the Ark of the Covenant to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Darker Times ToursWalking tour company which delights in taking you on a journey through the darkest teles, darkest towns and the darkest times of Staffordshire county.

Aquino Landscape Photography A gallery of beautiful landsacpe pictures.

Ghosts and Legend of the Lower Calder Valley– A depository for all the various folklore that has been collected pertaining to the area around Brighouse and Elland in West Yorkshire.

The Unexplained A fantastic site with great articles.

Witchkey – We are the home of Stone Circles and Witches, Wizards and Megaliths, Druids and Pagans. All brought together onto canvas. All paintings are by the West Midland artist Lee Pugh.

Gloucester Ghost Walks– Gloucester Ghost Walks was originally set up by two enthusiatic paranormal investigators who have a love of history for their city.

RiPA: Research into Paranormal Anomalistics– With over ten years in the field, RiPA was born to examine the paranormal using the Anomalistic techniques. Anomalistics is the use of scientific methods to evaluate anomalies (phenomena that fall outside of current understanding), with the aim of finding a rational explanation.

Consious Ape– Social Networking and Alternative Media website for conspiracies, the paranormal and alternative thought.

UK Paranormal Events We specialise in arranging paranormal events or as they are more commonly known ghost hunts.

Ghost Walk of The Lanes  The Lanes is Brighton’s most celebrated quarter, yet beneath its convivial veneer darker forces appear to be at work. Are you brave enough to join me for little stroll down these most haunted passageways? The Ghost Walk of the Lanes runs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 7.30pm. Seven nights a week throughou June, July and August!

Ghost Watch Live– Unique website specialising in producing Live Webcasts of paranormal investigations and vigils from some of the most haunted locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Mysterious Mitcham– The tales told in Mysterious Mitcham were collected as part of Project Albion, an ongoing effort by ASSAP (the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena).

Strange CroydonThis website forms part of Project Albion, which aims to collate all the mysteries of Britain in a ‘Domesday Book of the Paranormal’.

Victorian Era -This website holds an extensive collection of pictures taken during the latter part of Queen Victoria’s rule, between 1890 to 1900. Whilst the advent of colour photography remained in its infancy, these colour photochrom depictions of Great Britain were the result of transferring an original photographic negative onto litho and chromographic printing plates.

Dodici Corde– Guitar Duet was founded in 2008 and joins together the talents of musicians Danielle Saxon Reeves and Mark Willetts. The duo seeks to promote the repertoire of the Early Romantic Guitar, with a contemporary yet historically informed approach.

Alone in the Dark– Alone in the Dark: Walk with Alone In The Dark Entertainment and see the darker heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne, With Ghost Walks and Haunted Pub Crawls.

CFZ (The Centre for Fortean Zoology)
– The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is the only professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to the study of unknown animals.

Mythical Ireland– A resource for the mythical places of Ireland.– One of the best resources on the web for all things paranormal.

Mysterious People– A site about human enigmas and anomalies.

UK Pagan Federation
– Information and resources for the UK Pagan community.

The Fortean Picture Library– The Fortean Picture Library a resource for strange images to use in publications, images not available to individuals.

BBC Legacies– BBC Local Histories Website. The site covers the whole of the UK, with features for each region on a different theme every two months. The site also gives users the opportunity to contribute their own articles via email or comment on our message board.

Alchemy– An online resource for all things to do with the ancient art of Alchemy.

Vortigern Studies– An excellent site dealing with the Dark Age period when Vortigern was thought to have ruled. It also has an extensive feature on the Wansdike in Wiltshire (see also Wansdyke Project 21

Second Sight– Second Sight is a fairly new community aimed at topics of divination, psychic activity, paranormal matters and Paganism.

Dark Dorset– A well designed website to promote the book ‘Dark Dorset’, the site has a gazetteer of sites and links to sites about Dorset folklore.

Robin Hood In Yorkshire
– An informative website about sites connected with Robin Hood, and the Robin Hood legend in Yorkshire.

Dagulf’s Ghost Page– Dagulf’s Ghost is a international team of experienced Parapsychologists and Paranormal Investigators in the North and East Texas areas along with Winchester UK.

The legend of the Alderley Edge Wizard
– A website devoted to the mysteries around Alderley Edge in Cheshire.

BadPsychics– The aim of BadPsychics is to investigate the claims of psychics specifically, find out the truth and expose the frauds.

Each Uisge: Diary of a Scottish Water Horse ‘Each Uisge’ is an on-going, creative writing project, begun in 2008.

Pair A Normal Guys inc
– Hopes to outfit the world with their own unique brand of clothing.

Slate Painting by Kerry McKenna– Highly recommended slate paintings, music and cards from an Avebury based artist. 

Ghosts! Are they Real?– This question has haunted the mind of man, since the first hominids climbed down from the trees and became aware of their own mortality. I’m sure these first humans wondered at what the life-force was that animated them, their fellow humans and even the animals within their midst.

Visit Britain– The official Site of the British Tourist Authority.

North Of England Trike Tours– Unique and exciting chauffeured trike tour around the fantastic countryside and heritage of Northern england.

Legacy Hotels
– Legacy is a unique collection of hotels that provides a perfect blend of character, comfort and relaxation.

UK Travel– A UK tourism Guide.

Nature Net– A guide to the outdoors with lots of links to nature organisations.

Edinburgh Castle– Everything you ever need to know about Edinburgh Castle.

Nights in The Past– A resource assisting those interested in finding historic and period places to stay.

Haunted Buildings– A website dedicated to the most haunted buildings in Great Britain.

Tours from Edinburgh– Find information and ideas on sightseeing tours in Edinburgh. Coach, day & multi day Edinburgh Tours.

HomeAway UK – A useful resource for holiday homes in the UK and worldwide

Local History
St Helens Connect– Local and family history for St Helens, Merseyside.

Social Networking
If You Believe
– A new (2011) paranormal based social networking website.