How To Contribute

Contributing an article is easy, just choose a section or a topic to contribute to and contact us via our contact form. We can’t guarantee all submissions will be included but all those that are will be fully credited to the author.

Please don’t sendwork that has been directly copied, or has appeared elswhere and is subject to copyright.

What can I contribute?
You can contribute to any section of the web site. For example you may know some local folklore, custom or festival that is worth recording. This could be placed in the Folklore section or in the Gazetteer section.

You may want to write about Celtic gods and goddesses or to contribute some legends rewritten from old accounts.

We have be created a list of contributors with access from the front page and your work will be fully credited.

You can add comments about articles.  Please note these will be subject to editorial control.  Use the comments fields to share your knowledge of the topic or location in question and help create a better resource for fellow readers.

In the future we hope to lists any events concerning the subjects in this website.

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