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A word on sources and reality of stories
Some of these stories are drawn from sources that have perpetual mistakes from older sources, and assigning objective reality to the stories (especially hauntings) should be guarded against. This has been highlighted by our comments fields, as we have had actual witnesses contact the site to correct mistakes that have originally appeared in written sources.

Many of the older tales are purely folklore, although they may have been based on an event that left its mark on local society. For example: notorious characters who were known during their lives as tyrants and oppressors, often have their comeuppance after their death in grim folklore, perhaps as a way of come back by the local populace. These stories were retold over generations to become the folklore and legend of a local area.

Many stories that have been recorded are at odds with conventional historical fact, and all should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said: almost everybody has a strange tale to tell and some of the modern experiences of hauntings are hard to ignore as mere fancy. We do not know all there is to know and I have no doubt that people experience frightening phenomena in certain places, although we do not know the exact mechanisms that are behind these experiences.

As human beings our feelings, beliefs and passions are just as important to our own experience and ‘truth’ as the proven facts of science.

A word should also be mentioned about the language used: said to be haunted, haunted, reputed to be haunted, generally mean the same thing: that there is a story about a haunting at a site rather than meaning the site is definitely haunted, as this is really tied to belief.

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