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Grims Ditches

Grims Ditches are a series of linear earthworks that stretch along part of the Berkshire border, to the Southeast of Wantage and Southwest of Chilton. The purpose of the ditches is not entirely clear but it is likely they had an enclosing function, to define land and protect it.

The ditches date from the late Bronze Age or early Iron Age, and there are many remnants of the Bronze Age ceremonial landscape such as barrows close at hand. One theory suggests the ditch was used to defend Calleva Atrebatum (Roman Silchester).

The name Grim is either derived from the Anglo Saxon war god Grim or with its later association with the Devil. These names were given to ancient structures by people who came later and often attributed large monuments and landscape features to the work of the gods.

Directions: The ditches can be reached from the ancient Ridgeway path.

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