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The junction and the lane off the A418, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man called Noble Eddon, who appears clutching a bleeding wound in his chest.

The story goes that in 1828 Noble Eddon, who lived in the village, witnessed sheep being stolen by local men called Tylor and Sewell. He is said to have goaded them with his knowledge while in town. Enraged and scared of the harsh penalties for cattle stealing, Tylor and Sewell decided to murder Noble. Noble's wife had a vision of the murder and the perpetrators on the night Noble failed to return home. A year later Tylor and Sewell were captured and hanged on March 8th 1830, from gallows outside Aylesbury prison.

It is said that witnesses to the phantom will have to endure a run of bad luck.

Directions: The junction of the A418 and a minor road leading to Haddenham.

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